GameSkinny Guide to Success: What Are Points?

Earning points earns you rewards, and there are plenty of ways to earn points!

Back in the day, some A$$ invented the high score. (Actually, the first occurrence of the term “High Score” was in Sea Wolf in 1976, and they didn’t record initials with the score.) Ever since, gamers have competed for the chance to etch their initials (or three-letter curses) into high score lists the world over. Now, aspiring video game writers and content creators can do the same on GameSkinny. The difference? Your name isn’t etched on a high score list that can be wiped with the pull of a single electric cord. And you’ll earn actual useful rewards along the way to help you on your journey to Supreme Video Game Journalist.

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What are points?

Points are intangible rewards for participating in the GameSkinny community. You’ll get them for posting, commenting, sharing, and following people. Their relative value ties closely with the relative value to the rest of the community. Things that take genuine effort (like writing a post worth promoting) earn many more points than simply voting on a poll or commenting.

How do you earn points?

There are many ways to earn points, and we will continue to add more as the site evolves. Here are the basics:

  • Write a post that gets promoted: 50 points
  • Write a comment on someone else’s post: 5 points
  • Leave editorial feedback on someone’s post: 5 points
  • Follow someone or something: 5 points
  • Share a post you like with others: 5 points
  • Vote on a poll: 1 point

Got ideas for other ways to earn points? Let us know and maybe we’ll give you points for the idea!

What can I do with my points?

We’re working on building the rewards for points now. Our first reward, available with 1000 points, is the ability to upload a custom background for your profile page on GameSkinny. If you have 1,000 points, you can find this option when you edit your profile.

We are looking forward to showing you the rest of our rewards soon!

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