Garrison Tips For Warlords of Draenor

Some tips and tricks for building up your Garrison.

Some tips and tricks for building up your Garrison.
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After playing World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and spending a lot of time in my Garrison, I figured it would be good to share some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Getting Resources

Building a lumber mill and upgrading it when possible will reward you with a lot more resources. Filling out every work order, 7 at level 1, 14 at level 2, and 21 at level 3 will result in ~120 resources a day.

In order to unlock the lumber mill level 3 you need to file 75 lumber mill work orders and complete 2 specific quests:

Legacy Of The Ancients is obtained when finding the Petrified Ancient NPC that has a bunch of dead peon’s in front of it. You then cut it down and kill it, the NPC drops an item that starts the quest. The NPC’s you need to kill for the quest appear at random when cutting down a medium sized timber, small timber does not summon them. Your best bet is to go to each zone that the quest says to go to and farm lumber until they appear.

Reduction In Force is a quest given to you from your lumber mill. The quest giver will ask you to kill one of the Barov brothers (Alexi if you’re Alliance, and Weldon if you’re Horde) These too are rare spawning NPC’s, so again your best bet is to run around and farm some timber in the quest related zones.

Every rare you find, make a b-line towards it and kill it. Rare enemies have a grey dragon on their portrait, and can be seen on the minimap in the form of a grey skull. Killing these rare enemies not only gives rare loot that can be randomly upgraded to epic quality, but they also give Garrison resources. Anywhere from 10 to 30.

Be wary that there are a lot of level 100 rares in northern Nagrand, they have ~3,000,000 HP and require a group of players to kill: A tank, a healer and multiple DPS. These rares drop reputation related items that can be turned in for bonus reputation with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society.

Start getting those treasures

Nagrand is the hardest when it comes to looking for and obtaining treasures, you will need a lot of goblin glider packs for most of the treasures in this zone.

Treasures are outlined in purple and are well hidden. Buying a treasure map from Grakis if you’re Alliance, or Srikka if you’re Horde will show every treasure available to you in each zone. These NPC’s can be found in the faction specific town on Ashran. Stormshield and Warspear.

In order to unlock the ability to buy a zone’s treasure map you must complete the main quest line in said zone.

Don’t forget to do a random Draenor heroic dungeon for 50 resources. Once you reach level 100 and have an average item level at 610 or above you can queue for a random heroic dungeon. Completing this will reward you with 50 resources once a day.

Follower missions are another way to get resources

Although most will reward bonus XP if you have the Barracks up, or gold. There is usually only 2 or 3 follower missions a day that reward Garrison resources. Keep in mind that these missions can cost between 10-25 resources and take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours.

Visit your Garrison Cache daily

Your Garrison Cache pops every hour for 7 – 10 resources. But after a full day it has ~150. Getting the cache hourly or daily will result in the same amount of resources each day.

Complete every quest that is available to you

Some quests give up to 100 resources for completion. Doing this will help with being able to buy treasure maps and reward you with a boat load of gold.

If you have the space make the stables, you might not be able to until your Garrison is level three. But completing the quests to get all six of the mounts will result in daily quests that offer 20 resources per quest. That’s an extra 120 resources a day.

Capturing each mount is easy as long as you’re good at racing and keeping up with the pesky animals. After they are captured the next day you begin their training. All you have to do is mount up on your mount in training and kill a specific enemy.

Getting those blueprints

Level 3 blueprints are all locked behind an achievement, getting these achievements is going to be time consuming, but ultimately worth it. You also have to be level 100 to use them

Small Buildings

Salvage Yard

  • Level 1 is unlocked by completing the “Flame On” quest in the Spires of Arak.
  • Level 2 is sold by vendors. You need to be level 96 or complete the Talador Outpost quest. Costs 750 gold or 1 Outpost Building Assembly Note
  • Level 3 is unlocked by completing the “Salvaging Pays Off” achievement. Open 100 Pieces of Salvage from Missions.


  • Level 1 is unlocked by upgrading your Garrison to level 2.
  • Level 2 is sold by vendors. You need to be level 96 or complete the Talador Outpost quest. Costs 750 gold or 1 Outpost Building Assembly Note.
  • Level 3 is unlocked by completing the “Got My Mind On My Draenor Money” achievement. Loot 10,000 gold in Draenor.

All Profession Buildings

Level 1 for profession buildings is unlocked by upgrading your Garrison to level 2. This can also be obtained by looting the profession specific quest item from enemies in Draenor. Most of the time Alliance players will loot it from Karnoth, while Horde players will loot it from Dorogg The Ruthless. These items will only drop if you have the appropriate production profession.

Level 2 is sold by vendors. You need to be level 96 or complete the Talador Outpost Quest. Costs 750 gold, or 1 Outpost Building Assembly Note.

Level 3 is unlocked by completing the “Working More Orders” achievement. Complete 250 work orders for your Garrison.

Medium Buildings

All level 1 blueprints for these buildings are unlocked by upgrading your Garrison to level 2.

All level 2 blueprints for these buildings requires you to be level 98, or have completed the Spires Of Arak outpost quest. Costs 1,000 gold or 1 Outpost Building Assembly Note.

All Level 3 blueprints for these buildings are locked behind achievements.

  • BarnMaster Trapper. Place 125 work orders at the Barn. Trapping can be a bit frustrating, do not use DoT’s on your target and stop attacking when it is less than 35% hp.
  • Gladiator’s Sanctum The Bone Collector. Collect 4,000 broken bones from enemy players. This is a PvP building and achievement.
  • Lumber MillUpgrading the Mill. Place 75 work orders at the mill and complete the “Legacy Of The Ancients” and “Reduction In Force” quests.
  • Lunarfall Inn / Frostwolf TavernStay Awhile And Listen. Complete all of the Inn quests / Tavern quests.
  • Trading PostSavage Friends. Earn exalted status with 3 Draenor reputations. You do not need to have the trading post up to earn exalted status with reputations in Draenor.

Large Buildings

All level 1 blueprints are unlocked by upgrading your Garrison to level 2. Except for the Barracks, which is unlocked by completing the introductory Garrison quest line.

All level 2 blueprints require you to have completed the Nagrand outpost quest or be level 100. Costs 1,500 gold or 1 Outpost Building Assembly Note.

All level 3 blueprints are locked behind an achievement.

  • BarracksPatrolling Draenor. Complete 50 Garrison Patrol Missions. You need to have the Barracks up in order to do patrol missions.
  • Dwarven Bunk / War MillFilling The Ranks. Raise 20 Garrison followers to level 100. You do not need to have this building made in order to unlock the achievement.
  • Gnomish Gearworks / Goblin WorkshopTerrific Technology. Use all of the inventions available at the Gearworks / Workshop.
  • Mage Tower / Spirit LodgeFinding Your Waystones. Loot 500 Ogre waystones. These waystones are only looted when you have the Mage Tower or Spirit Lodge up in your Garrison.

Special Buildings

All special buildings are automatically built upon upgrading your Garrison to level 2. To unlock them however, you must complete the quest line that they provide.

Once again the level 3 blueprints of these buildings are locked behind an achievement.

  • Fishing ShackLooking For Help. Find a local fisherman that will help your cause. Requires level 94. I found the local fisherman northwest of Lunarfall, he goes by the name of Madari. 
  • Herb GardenClearing The Garden. Kill 8 Lunarfall Raccoons / 8 Frostwall Nibblers. Requires level 96. You should have no issues at all with finding the targets or killing them.
  • Lunarfall Excavation / Frostwolf MinesThings Are Not Goren Our Way. Kill 8 Lunarfall / Frostwall Goren and Stonetooth. Requires level 92. A very simple kill quest.
  • MenageriePets versus Pests. Defeat the 3 legendary pests in your Garrison. Carrotus Maximus, Gorefu, and Gnawface. Make sure you have at least 6 different level 25 pets, otherwise this quest will be impossible.

  • Fishing ShackDraenor Angler. Catch 100 Enormous versions of each fish native to Draenor. For those of you who hate fishing, this is the ultimate nightmare. You cannot catch enormous fish in your Garrison, so you will have to go out and fish them up from the pools around Draenor. There are 7 new fish that are only on Draenor, so be prepared to grind your face off on this one.
  • Herb GardenDraenic Seed Collector. Collect 500 Draenic seeds. If you do not have herbalism as a profession then you are doomed to a brutal grind. You can pick Draenic herbs from your Garrison once a day regardless if you have herbalism or not. You will get 10 – 25 seeds a day from this.
  • Lunarfall Excavation /. Frostwolf MinesDraenic Stone Collector. Collect 500 Draenic Stones. Another achievement that is going to take an insane amount of time if you do not have the mining profession on your character. Luckily you can mine the true iron and blackrock ore’s once a day in your Garrison even if you do not have the mining profession.
  • MenagerieDraenic Pet Battler. Win 500 pet battles in Draenor. Dont worry too much about the Menagerie unless you love pet battles or are a perfectionist. This is just another grind you’ll be working towards, and you might as well go for the Draenor Safari achievement while you’re at it.


Questing and exploring Draenor will result in the gist of available followers. Although some followers are locked behind achievements.

Croman – Come With Me If You Want To Live

This is a heroic dungeon achievement for Bloodmaul Slag Mines. Croman can be freed after defeating Slave Watcher Crushto, he must remain alive for the rest of the dungeon. Wiping on a boss will fail the achievement.

I suggest clearing as much trash as possible before releasing Croman, and have your healer release him. He acts as a bodyguard to the person who releases him, staying by their side and assisting in attacking their enemies until the dungeon is complete or the party wipes.

Leroy Jenkins – Leeeeeeeeeeeroy….?

This is a heroic dungeon achievement for Upper Blackrock Spire. You must assist Leroy in obtaining his devout shoulders, doing this requires some high dps and clearing a lot of trash mobs under 700 seconds.

Have your healer resurrect Leroy after defeating Kyrak, do not leave the room before resurrecting Leroy either. You then must kill every single trash mob leading up to the arena boss, after defeating the arena boss you must kill all of the trash mobs leading up to the next boss, including the guards in front of the son of the beast’s room, and the son of the beast himself.

Let Leroy loot the Son of The Beast and he will automatically become your follower.

The rarity of a follower determines how many traits and perks they will have:

  • Uncommon – 1 perk, 1 trait
  • Rare – 2 perks, 2 traits
  • Epic – 3 perks, 3 traits

Once a follower reaches level 100 you can continue to grind experience for them, doing so will upgrade their rarity, up to epic.

  • Uncommon to Rare – 60,000 XP
  • Rare to Epic – 120,000 XP

There are no legendary followers as of yet.

You can only have 20 followers active at any given time, if you have more you will need to deactivate them. You can activate deactivated followers once per day for 250 gold.

Unlocking the Barracks level 3 will increase your active follower limit to 25. To increase your followers item levels you need to collect Weapon and Armor enhancements. These are rewarded for completing certain missions.

If you have a level 2 Salvage Yard or a level 2 Dwarven Bunker you have a chance of looting these enchantments from placing work orders or salvaging.


If the mission is not a 100% chance of success, then you run the risk of failing the mission and not receiving the reward. But your follower still gains the base mission experience. Choose wisely. Missions run from 1 hour to 24 hours to complete, depending on the rarity and difficulty of the mission. If the mission requires more than 1 follower than expect it to run more than an hour.

Be sure to match up your followers with the correct counters on each mission. A level 100 follower without the proper perk will have a lower chance of success than a level 90 follower with the correct perk for a level 90 mission.

For example if there is group damage, make sure your follower has a group heal ability that can counter it. Each follower has a class and each class has different perks. Not all followers will have every class perk, its all random.

Which buildings should you have?

If you have a production profession, make sure to build the corresponding building to it. Enchanters need the Enchanters Study. Blacksmiths need The Forge. Making these buildings and upgrading them will allow you to increase your profession level to 700 and you will learn all of the new recipes while doing so.

Most players only have 1 production profession, which leaves 2 small plots open for other buildings. I suggest you put in the Salvage Yard and the Storehouse.

Completing follower missions while you have a salvage yard will sometimes reward you with a box of salvage, these items can be used only at the salvage yard and their contents are entirely random. From vendor trash, to gold, to epic follower item enchantments. The Storehouse acts as a bank, which is more convenient than heading back to Stormwind or Stormshield just to check your bank. 

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