Genshin Impact: How to Beat The Guardian of Apep’s Oasis

Defeat the Dendro Dragon, the Guardian of Apep's Oasis, in Genshin Impact with the help of this guide.

Defeat the Dendro Dragon, the Guardian of Apep's Oasis, in Genshin Impact with the help of this guide.

The Guardian of Apep’s Oasis is a weekly boss in Genshin Impact. The Dendro Dragon was added as part of the version 3.6 update and appears at the end of Act 2 of Nahida’s story quest. Once the quest is completed, the domain will be unlocked, letting you farm the encounter at your leisure, though you can only receive rewards after you first clear each week. Here’s how to beat the Apep Dendro Dragon boss.

How to Defeat the Apep Dendro Dragon Weekly Boss in Genshin Impact

The Apep boss is found in the Realm of Beginnings domain. It appears slightly northeast of the Sands of the Three Canals in Sumeru Desert. This encounter has three phases, so be ready for a long fight.

Apep Boss Fight Phase 1: Warden of the Last Oasis

The first phase of the Apep weekly boss fight is fairly straightforward, as you simply need to deplete Dendro Dragon’s HP. Your foe looks a bit like the Elden Beast from Elden Ring, and it has the following abilities:

  • Wailing Whale: Temporarily submerges before leaping and slamming down on you.
  • Multi-tentacle Slap: Goes on all fours, causing multiple tentacles to appear and smack you around.
  • Elden Rings: Spins around and spawns several spiked rings that move around the arena.

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Apep Boss Fight Phase 2: Heart of Oasis

Once the Dendro Dragon’s HP has been fully depleted, a giant egg known as the Heart of Oasis will drop from the sky. The goal is to let it heal over time, which occurs automatically. However, multiple enemies will try to damage it.

The enemy mobs will spawn in waves of about four or five at a time, and you have to prioritize certain targets. Otherwise, you’ll just prolong this portion of the fight. If the egg gets destroyed, you’ll fail the encounter.

These are the hostiles that will appear during Phase 2 of the Guardian of Apep’s Oasis weekly boss fight:

  • Attacker Fungi: These are either melee or ranged variants. They’ll mostly ignore you and will just target the egg.
  • Barrier Fungi: This floating mushroom has extended arms. It will create barriers to block your path and line of sight.
  • Shield Pylon: This stalk will create a shield around the existing mushrooms, preventing you from dealing damage to them until it’s destroyed.
  • Buffer Plant: If you see green beams linking other enemies, that means this thing is buffing their offense and needs to get killed quickly.
  • Pac-Man Plant: This enemy will target a player directly, chomping down on them repeatedly until it’s destroyed.
  • Spiked Bomber: This object will roll toward the Heart of Oasis will explode after a few seconds. Since it deals a lot of damage, it’s imperative that you kill it as soon as it appears to prevent losing quite a bit of progress.

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Apep Boss Fight Phase 3: Warden of Oasis Prime

The third and final phase of the Genshin Impact Apep boss fight has a loading screen transition. That means any characters that have died will be automatically revived.

Moreover, although the Guardian has abilities that deal devastating damage, most can be avoided easily, and this will likely be a rapid nuking phase. Dendro Dragon has the following notable abilities:

  • Lancing Beams: Several small orbs will appear in mid-air, and they’ll fire beams toward your character’s last position.
  • Dendro Eruption: Large green circles will appear on the ground, leading to an eruption. This will occur three times in quick succession, so you need to move quickly.
  • Aftershocks of the Apocalypse: This is the boss’ ultimate attack, a bit similar to the Raiden Shogun’s Final Calamity. Basically, you’ll see a warning on your screen that Aftershocks of the Apocalypse is about to occur. Then, three force fields will appear in the arena. Stay inside the barriers until the explosion has ended to avoid the insta-kill damage.

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Apep Weekly Boss Fight Rewards

With a bit of luck, you should be able to defeat the Guardian of Apep’s Oasis boss and reap the rewards. It will drop the usual rewards, such as Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Troupe, Midlander weapon crafting items, and Nagidus Emerald.

The most important Apep’s Oasis weekly rewards, though, are the high-level talent ascension materials:

  • Worldspan Fern: Expected to be used by Baizhu.
  • Primordial Greenbloom: Expected to be used by Kaveh.
  • Everamber: Expected to be used by the recently-announced Kirara.

These aren’t the only characters that will end up requiring materials from Guardian of Apep’s Oasis. We’re likely to see a few more in upcoming version updates and maybe a couple of others once version 4.0 hits and we’re headed to Fontaine.

Until then, that’s how to beat the Guardian of Apep’s Oasis in Genshin Impact. Make sure to take advantage of this weekly quest once you defeat Dendro Dragon the first time. For tips and help with the 3.6 update, head over to our Genshin Impact guides hub

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