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Genshin Impact Natlan Update — What to Expect

Looking forward to the Genshin Impact Natlan Update? Here's what to expect.

The Natlan region has long since been foreshadowed as the land of war, fearsome draconic beasts, and primal tribes fighting in a gruesome fiery biome. Well, the new Natlan preview teaser has subverted expectations slightly. That said, here’s what to expect from the Genshin Impact Natlan update.

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What to Expect From the Genshin Impact Natlan Update

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The teaser trailer for the Natlan region dropped, and it’s much more tranquil, cute, and adorable than what many expected. We know that Natlan is the region of the Pyro Archon known as the God of War, so I naturally assumed a fierce war-like desert/volcanic biome. Instead, the trailer showed a colorful and whimsical prehistoric world full of cute Saurian creatures. That said, these colorful areas and adorable critters running around aren’t necessarily a bad subversion of our expectations.

Saurians Are the Main Fauna

Speaking of which, it’s clear that Saurians will be the main fauna running around in the Natlan region. As Neuvillette puts it, they’re essentially long-term developed evolutions of Dragons that have grown to coexist with humanity. We can assume that these Saurians will belong to the many tribes vying for control over Natlan.

Furthermore, it seems that we can take control or become one of these Saurian creatures with interesting new movement abilities. It’s quite similar to the underwater creature mechanic from Fontaine. And since Fontaine was focused on Hydro characters and gear, we can assume a ton of new stuff is coming for Pyro characters, like Pyro artifacts.

Capitano Appears in the Natlan Region

Lastly, it’s confirmed that Capitano, one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, is also present in the Natlan region participating in the conflicts. This suggests that we can expect a fight with Capitano or perhaps work with him like we did with Arlecchino.

Either way, the Genshin Impact Natlan Update is looking quite exciting, and it’s sure to revitalize the community. Until then, stay tuned to our Genshin Impact hub and prepare for Natlan with our top leveling tips.

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