Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Best Character Guide

Build the best possible team with the help of this best characters guide to Theater Mechanicus game mode in Genshin Impact.

Build the best possible team with the help of this best characters guide to Theater Mechanicus game mode in Genshin Impact.

Theater Mechanicus is a new tower defense game mode in Genshin Impact. This mode completely avoids DPS tactics and focuses entirely on elements that need to be used against mobs, ultimately requiring a different mindset and strategy from the rest of the game.

Generally, Anemo characters are the best for this mode, but you can use any characters that can either push or control enemies. It is also recommended to combine elements for various types of effects. Below you will find several best team compositions for Theater Mechanicus.

Anemo/Cryo/Geo Team Composition

Each team in Theater Mechanicus consists of four characters. This team combines the three best elements for this tower defense mode with their corresponding best heroes.

Traveler (Geo) has one of the best abilities for Theater Mechanics, which is their Stone Wall ability that can block enemies and stand between them, making them move in different directions. This will disorient them, giving you an easy way out.

Ganyu (Cryo) has an ability to freeze enemies. She also has a bow with AoE, which is very important in tower defense. Once the waves of enemies start rushing at you, Ganyu can freeze them all with her bow.

Jean (Anemo) can easily push enemies off of the edge of the map, which kills them instantly. Her Anemo abilities also allow her to control enemies approaching your lines and hold them for some time.

Sucrose (Anemo) has the Wind Spirit ability that can pull  enemies and send them over the map’s edge. Her charged attack has a similar effect, but instead of pulling she pushes enemies backwards, which can be well utilized in Theater Mechanicus.

Hydro/Geo/Anemo Team Composition

Alternatively, you can opt for a Hydro-focused team with a support from Anemo and Geo heroes. Hydro characters can also be used for freezing enemies and creating obstacles, while other two can use their tricks to push/pull mobs and break their shields.

Venti (Anemo) has a bow, just like Ganyu, which is important against ruin guards. His Skyward Sonnet ability allows him to pull all enemies into the air and hold them there for quite a long time. They can’t move or do anything in this position, which opens all the doors for you.

Tartaglia (Hydro) is another bow-weilding character. He possesses some of the highest attack speed in the game, and his bow deals Hydro AoE damage that inflicts the Riptide status effect on enemies.

Noelle (Geo) is a shield-breaker. Her elemental burst ability converts her physical attacks into Geo attacks, which increases the power of her AoE.

Mona (Hydro) has an ability to create an illusory bubble that traps enemies, which immobilizes them. She can catch a whole group of enemies and render them useless all at once. She is also great for combining elemental powers.

F2P Team Composition

If you’re a completely new player and you don’t want to spend money on rolling for top-tier heroes, but you still want to experience the victory during the Theater Mechanicus event, then opt for these free characters that can be easily assembled at the beginning of the game.

Traveler (Anemo) is a universally acclaimed F2P hero with all the benefits of an Anemo character, such as pull/push effects and AoE. Traveler is available at the very start of the game, so you won’t have to spend a dime.

Amber (Pyro) has an ability to shower enemies with fire arrows in an AoE fashion, and due to her taunt ability, she can lure enemies where she wants. You can unlock her automatically during the first act of the Prologue.

Kaeya (Cryo) has a very useful Glacial Waltz ability that will constantly hit and freeze all the surrounding mobs. Just like Amber, you can unlock him during Act I of the Prologue for free.

Barbara (Hydro) is a strong hero, who can apply Wet status effect on all enemies that come in contact with her Melody Loop skill. This trick can be used for various elemental combos. You will be able to unlock Barbara for free during Act III of the Prologue chapter.

Those are the best characters for Theater Mechanicus game mode in Genshin Impact. If you found this guide helpful, consider checking out our other Genshin Impact guides!

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