The Kalpalata Lotus key material to ascend both Nahida and Dori in Genshin Impact. Here are some farming locations to help you get them faster.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find and Farm Kalpalata Lotus

The Kalpalata Lotus key material to ascend both Nahida and Dori in Genshin Impact. Here are some farming locations to help you get them faster.

Although a lot of players are excited to dig into the new Genshin Impact 3.6 update and prepare for the next set of characters, many are excited about the characters returning in the current banners. Those looking to level up Nahida or Dori are going to need a particular material. This is where to find and farm Kalpalata Lotus.

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Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus Farming Locations

There are multiple Kalpalata Lotus locations to be found, but some are better to farm than others. We’ll be showing you the areas that have the most abundant amount, marked by a Star icon in the provided images. Here’s a peek at the locations, which we detail further below: 

  • Vissudha Field
  • Yasna Monument
  • Apam Woods
  • Devantaka Mountain

Vissudha Field

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Vissudha Field is by far the best Kalpalata Lotus farming location in Genshin Impact. Fast travel to the teleport waypoint directly east of Sumeru City. Southwest of this location is a set of waterfalls.

Glide and run over to the area and look at the cliffs near the first and highest waterfall. Two can be found on the cliff closest to you and five more can be found on the other side.

Yasna Monument

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The next few Lotus locations be found in the Ashavan Realm, and the first we’ll talk about is the one in the middle of the Yasna Monument subarea. Fast travel to the nearby Statue of the Seven and then head west.

On the map, this location will be underneath the “Yasna Monument” text. A large rock formation will be in the middle of this subarea, with six flowers you need growing on its side.

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Directly south of here is a large mound with a teleport waypoint. This one will be the quickest to farm, as you’ll only need to travel fast here and then walk forward.

The flowers can be found hanging off the side of this mound. Make sure to be thorough and not miss any, as you can find eight Kalpalata Lotus flowers here.

Apam Woods

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Next is the Apam Woods subarea. Fast travel to the teleport waypoint northwest of the “Apam Woods” text, as this is the highest one in the area.

Glide directly east and let yourself fall down a little bit. You’ll know when to stop once you see the Kalpalata Lotus twinkling on the underside of the cliffs. Seven of them can be found here.

Devantaka Mountain

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Another abundant Kalpalata Lotus spot is in the Ardravi Valley, set between the Devantaka Mountain and Vimara Village subareas. The quickest method is to travel fast to the teleport waypoint just southwest of Vimara Village.

Glide east until you reach where the river is running, where eight Kalpalata Lotus flowers will be found on your side. The cliffs here are separated into two levels, with the flowers being found on the lower levels near the ground.

Where to Buy Kalpalata Lotus

It’s easiest to go out traveling and climbing cliffs to farm Kalpalata Lotus, but there is another method of obtaining them. If you’ve gone through the Aranyaka World Quest, you’ll have met Aramani. This Aranara NPC runs a shop that will eventually sell Kalpalata Lotus.

Their stock is limited and refreshes every few days. It’s a great way to gather as much as you can, but fast traveling to the above areas doesn’t take long and will yield more.

What is Kalpalata Lotus?

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Kalpalata Lotus is an Ascension Material that exclusively appears in Sumeru. While some materials, such as Admonition, are domain rewards, the primary method for finding these special flowers is on cliffsides throughout the region.

With the start of Genshin Impact version 3.6, Kalpalata Lotus is bound to become a popular item that a lot of players will want to find. Both Nahida and Dori use it as an ascension material and both of them are having a drop-rate boost on the current banners.

That covers where to find and farm Kalpalata Lotus in Genshin Impact. If you need help with some of the new content in Version 3.6, such as how to beat Iniquitous Baptist, feel free to check out our collection of Genshin Impact guides.

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