Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster Locations Guide

Here's how to get Windwheel Aster flowers in Genshin Impact.

Here's how to get Windwheel Aster flowers in Genshin Impact.

You’re going to have to seek out a whole heap of Windwheel Aster over your time in Genshin Impact to ascend your Traveler, as each Ascension requires an increasing amount of this elusive plant. The squeeze for them just gets worse if you’ve got Bennett or Sucrose, who both also require Windwheel Asters for their Ascensions.

There are two primary ways to get your hands on some Windwheel Aster, the first is obviously seeking them out and plucking them by your own hand, and the other is the same way as a handful of other plants you need for Ascension and recipes: buying a small amount from one of the botanist sisters.

Genshin Impact: How to Get Windwheel Aster

The first, easiest, and least sustainable method is to buy the flowers from Flora the botanist girl, who can be found in Mondstadt in the area circled below. She only sells five every three days, at 1,000 Mora each.

Getting the flowers from Flora can be convenient once, but it’s not really a reliable method to get the amount of Windwheel Aster you’re going to need for all those Traveler Ascensions. You’re going to have to pick the flowers yourself.

Genshin Impact: Windwheel Aster Locations

Windwheel Aster spawns in a few locations around the Mondstadt region, some of which being easier to get early on than others.

In the map below, we’ve circled areas where you can find Windwheel Aster.

The flowers are the most plentiful in the areas marked in the northwest and the areas marked in the southeast, with the northwest locations having the most. The southeast area is easier to get to early on, however.

You are going to need a lot Windwheel Aster to push Traveler through all those Ascensions, not to mention if you’ve got to do it for Bennett and Sucrose as well. Grab as many when you can when you do decide to farm them to make your life easier down the line.

That’s it for where to get Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact. If you found this guide useful, take a gander at our other Genshin Impact guides.

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