Getting Gems in Dragonvale for Free

Getting gems in DragonVale is either time limited or costs real money. However, you can get gems for free if you follow these tips.
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Yes, I’ve become addicted to DragonVale. It was really quite easy… I started playing and I kept going. After you play a while though you realize that you need more gems… and stat! This is the only currency that is completely gated in the game. So, how do you get gems in DragonVale for free?

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How to Get Gems in DragonVale

1. Buy them from the market for real money

2. Get them from your friends

3. Compete in the Arena where you can win 2 to 5 gems every 24 hours

4. Breeding birthstone dragons also gives you gems. When maxed out in level they can give you one gem per week.

Getting Gems for Free

Between all of this you either have to fork over some real cash or use the two time limited methods to get the gems for free. Those methods are the arena and birthstone dragons. The birthstone method doesn’t sound like much, but the birthstone habitat holds 12 birthstone dragons so it can add up. You can get as many as 47 gems a week if you max out these methods. You can also get gems for free from your friends, but I don’t really consider that free since someone had to collect the gems the first time.

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