Getting Started With Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC

There's a huge new coastline area to explore far away from the Commonwealth, complete with new aquatic enemies, weapons, and power armor - but first you've got to get there!

There's a huge new coastline area to explore far away from the Commonwealth, complete with new aquatic enemies, weapons, and power armor - but first you've got to get there!

So you’ve got the season pass or downloaded the gigantic new Far Harbor expansion on its own and you may now be asking yourself… just how exactly do I start the Far Harbor quest?

Bethesda always has some issues on this front, frequently not making it completely clear how to start the DLC quest lines in their huge open-world games like Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

It’s actually pretty simple with Far Harbor — Fallout 4’s first major new area DLC (and third expansion overall) — but if you’ve been away from the game for a few months, you might not know which quest to follow or radio station to listen to in order to find the new content.

Prerequisites To Starting Far Harbor

Although there’s not a level requirement, there is a prerequisite before you can access the new area in Far Harbor.

To even start the quest line, you have to have met and befriended the synthetic detective Nick Valentine during the main Fallout 4 story and already completed the “Getting A Clue” quest where you get a key to Kellog’s house. Now that that’s out of the way, pull up your Pip Boy and select the Far From Home quest.

Far From Home Quest

With the quest selected, switch over to the Radio tab and select “Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio,” which prompts you to return to Nic’s storefront in Diamond City.

Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio Station

Chat with Ellie Perkins to find out the Nakano family is in need of your services (a Persuade attempt gives you extra info about the case), then grab Nic as your companion if he isn’t already and follow the trail to the northeast corner of the world map. Here you will find the Nakano home right by the river.

Pretty Nice House For A Post Apocalyptic World

Chat with Kenji inside the house first (another Persuade attempt offers the chance to get extra caps for taking the case) and then after agreeing to help, talk to Rei, as she will give you the real deal on their missing daughter.

Passing another Persuade attempt will reveal that the missing girl has been fighting with the family since their grandfather died, and that she probably wasn’t taken against her will.

The Nakano Family

Head up to Kasumi’s room and listen to the two holotapes found there (located on the table and under the bed), then head out to the boathouse.

You can ignore everything in here except for the locked safe. Pass the lock picking test to listen to Kasumi’s final holotape, which reveals where she was headed and why she decided to leave.

The Boathouse Safe

Head back into the Nakano household and talk to Kenji again, asking him about Far Harbor and if there’s any chance his daughter might have been replaced by a synth.

Eventually he’ll give you the key to the boat. Head outside and rev it up to finally leave Boston behind and head into the actual meat and potatoes of the DLC: the seaside town of Far Harbor itself.

For all that walking and investigating, you will unlock the Far From Home achievement – the first of several new trophies to earn throughout Far Harbor.

Welcome To Far Harbor! It’s Not As Nice As The Lobster Would Indicate.

The fog-shrouded fishing village is more than a little creepy, and much like with the smaller Automatron DLC, there’s a dual theme going on here.

One is a straightforward detective story as you get drawn into an altercation between a synth refuge and the Children of Atom, while the other has an undercurrent of Lovecraftian horror, complete with fishy terrors coming out of the fog to assault a New England town at night.

We Made It! Now Let’s Turn Around And Go Home

Have fun exploring this huge new addition to the Fallout 4 landscape and stay tuned for full guides on completing all the main quest lines and earning all those extra Far Harbor achievements!

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