Here's how to find Gyozen's Lost Scrolls and Oni Treasure in Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

Ghost of Tsushima Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls & Oni Treasure Guide

Here's how to find Gyozen's Lost Scrolls and Oni Treasure in Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls and Oni Treasure are two collectibles needed to complete feats and unlock a handful of class items, sword kits, and emotes in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. They also reward you with 

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Unlike the base game, these are the only collectibles you’ll need to scrounge up in the co op multiplayer expansion. Though finding them isn’t exactly hard, Legends isn’t very clear on how they appear. 

In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, I’ll go over how to find Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls and Oni Treasure, as well as the class items, swords kits, and emotes they unlock. 

How to Find Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls & Oni Treasure

Both collectibles can only be found in Legends‘ two-player co op story mode on silver and gold difficulty. They cannot be obtained on bronze difficulty. Silver difficulty unlocks after you’ve reached a Ki score of 25

Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls and Oni Treasure appear in every tale, so it doesn’t matter which tale you choose of the nine available. But they appear in random chapters within each tale, and they only appear once per tale. If you move on from a chapter without picking them up, you cannot go back and get them for that playthrough. 

Luckily, Legends tells you when a Gyozen Scroll or Oni Treasure chest is a chapter. A bonus objective will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls

Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls look like, well, scrolls and are engulfed in a twinkling blue light. They can be somewhat difficult to find because they don’t show up when you use Focused Hearing. You have to seek them out manually. 

You can usually find a chapter’s Gyozen Scroll in a Mongol Yurt, lean-to, stable, etc. All of the ones I’ve found have been under some type of cover, anyway. I’ve not found any on carts or on rooftops, though some have reported finding some there. 

Oni Treasure

Oni Treasure can be found in large treasure chests adorned with an ornate horned mask. They can appear literally anywhere in a chapter, but they stick out like a sore thumb, so they’re hard to miss. If you can’t find the Oni Treasure chest in a chapter, you can use Focused Hearing to locate it. It will have a white glow around it, just like other interactable objects.

You cannot open these treasure chests alone, even if you are skilled enough to play through silver difficulty by yourself. Oni Treasure chests require two players to open.  

But be prepared to fight. A group of tough enemies and Oni spawns on top of you every time you open an Oni Treasure chest, so it’s best to clear the stage of enemies before opening it. 

What do You Get for Collection Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls and Oni Treasure? 

Though your rewards won’t show up until the story completion screen, Gyozen Scrolls will award you Essence and Oni Treasure will award you with Rare or Epic gear. This gear shows up in the “Rewards” section to the right of your objectives at the end of a run. I’ve not played gold difficulty yet, so it could also reward you with high-level or legendary gear. 

Collecting enough scrolls and opening enough treasure chests will reward you with vanity gear and emotes for each of your classes. You can keep track of your progress by viewing either the Kami Friend and Collector feats in the feat menu, or looking at your class items, sword kits, and emotes in the “Character” submenu in the Legends main menu. 

It’s worth noting that Gyozen Scrolls and Oni Treasure only count for one class/character at a time regarding vanity items. For example, if you pick up a scroll or open a treasure chest as an Assassin, it won’t count toward your Samurai, Ronin, or Hunter vanity items. However, it will count towards your sword kits and emotes for all classes.  

Below is the list of items and emotes you can unlock with each collectible, including the class each item or emote is for and how many scrolls or oni treasures are required to unlock them. 

Class Items (Scrolls)

  • Overgrown (Ronin) x3
  • Shadow Ginko (Ronin) x10
  • Oni Gold (Samurai) x3
  • Shadow Ginko (Samurai) x10
  • Carved Gold Fan (Hunter) x3
  • Shadow Ginko (Hunter) x10
  • White Kappa (Assassin) x3
  • Shadow Ginko (Assassin) x10

Class Items (Oni Treasure)

  • Oni Red (Samurai) x3
  • Winter Ginko (Samurai) x10
  • Carved Shadow Fan (Hunter) x3
  • Celestial Ginko (Hunter) x10
  • Overgrown Shadow (Ronin) x3
  • Celestial Ginko (Ronin) x10
  • Red kappa (Assassin) x3
  • Celestial Ginko (Assassin) x10

Sword Kits (Scrolls)

  • Heavenly Falcon (all) x1

Sword Kits (Oni Treasure)

  • Sea Dragon’s Wing (all) x1

Emotes (Scrolls)

  • Yes, my Lord (all) x3
  • Exhausted (all) x5
  • Let’s go (all) x10
  • Kanpai (all) x20

Emotes (Oni Treasure)

  • Please (all) x3
  • Banzai (all) x5
  • Hooray (all) x10
  • Monkey Dance (all) x20

That’s all you need to know about how to find Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls and Oni Treasure in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. If you found this guide helpful, please consider giving it a share! And if you’re looking for more on GoT Legends, be sure to check out our other guides over in our tips hub

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