Learn how to find all Kingslayer files locations in the two provinces of Agua Verde & Malca.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Kingslayer Files Locations Guide: Agua Verde & Malca

Learn how to find all Kingslayer files locations in the two provinces of Agua Verde & Malca.
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Intel is essential for successful mission completion in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It is stored in the so-called Kingslayer files, which are hidden in various places across the game’s map. The more files you find, the better understanding of your objectives you will have.

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This guide will help you locate all Kingslayer files in two provinces of P. N. Agua Verde and Malca. There are almost two dozen caches to search for, so it is good to have things laid out before you go and get them.

All Kingslayer File Locations in P. N. Agua Verde

The Legend of the Siren

The first Kingslayer file can be located on the most northern island of the Agua Verde — the Siren Island. The file, which tells the story of people who witnessed mythical sirens in the water, can be seen near the campfire.

Ricky Sandoval Narcocorrido

The file that belongs to Agent Sandoval is almost in the same spot as the previous one — near the overturned boat.

Bolivia Buchon Blog

Head toward the south to the Carzita’s island. Go inside the dining facility and you will find the file of Ramon Feliz on the cooking table.

Muffled Protests

Go to the southeastern island — the Riverine Checkpoint. There is another dining facility containing the file, with the recording of 25 casualties at the casino construction site.

Glitter & Gold

At the far east of the region, there is the Playa Sirena location. You need to find a yellow house on the shore. The file lies on the porch of that house — it is where El Sueno and Carzita discuss their influence on the area’s politicians.

Carzita’s Photogram Post

Get into the water from the house and reach the La Nube Blanca barge. The viral photo of Carzita, the billionaire’s son, can be seen on the balcony of the barge.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Head further to the east for Arroyo Baya location. Find the government building with Bolivian flags hanging from it and enter the office on the upper floor. On the kitchen table, there is a disc containing Carzita’s attempt at bribing one of the ministers.

Money and Fame

From there, head north. You should find the eastern machine-gun outpost. Find an old shack with a massive turret inside. There, you can grab the magazine with Carzita on its cover.

Golden Book

Travel to the western part of Agua Verde. Locate the Kantuta Mansion and get inside the living room. On the sofa, you will find a postcard to Carzita from Agent Sandoval.

The Latin American Connection

Follow the shore in the western direction. You will arrive at the Playa Tajibo location, where a small house stands on the water. Inside the house on the bed, you will find another Kingslayer audio evidence.

Cost of Doing Business

Across the water to the south, there is Alicia Town. Look out for the house surrounded by a stone fence in the northern part of the town. Inside the house, you need to find the check for $3,000,000 signed by Carzita and addressed to a Nwe York-based law firm.

All Kingslayer Files Locations in Malca

El Dia de las Natitas

In the northwestern part of the Malca region, you will find the town of Banado. There is a huge villa standing on top of the hill with a blue skeleton depicted on its wall. The Kingslayer file lies on the table of the upper office, right behind the skeleton.

Parish Quarrels

In the most western part of Malca, you will see the entrance to an abandoned mineshaft. Get inside, turn on nightvision, and keep to your left. When you arrive at the room full of crates, get to the top one, where you’ll find your file.

Cult of Santa Muerte (origins)

Head south from the mineshaft to the Los Crios de La Muerte location at the lake. There is an old chapel with a Santisima Muerte postcard lying on one of the tables.

Bible Page – El Cardinal

A bit to the east from the lake you will stumble upon the Holy Malca Base. One of the buildings has a small satellite dish on top. Go there and take the page from the Santa Blanca’s Bible on the table.

Bolivia’s Got Talent

In the southeast, there’s another lake in the Icoya location. The audio recording you’re looking for is inside one of the houses on the main road.

Prayer Book

Another file is located on the northern side of the Icoya lake. There is a statue with a prayer table not too far away from the outpost. Take the prayer book from that table.


In the central area of the map, near the Uma Marca Mine, you will locate a disc inside the building with the graffiti on one of its walls saying: “La Muerte Me Ueva.”

El Cardenal Narcocorrido

North from the Uma Marca Mine there is a quarry with several trailers. One of them has an audio evidence placed on the kitchen stove.

El Chido’s Program

A bit west from the quarry you will see the concert stage with a DJ set-up standing there. Go there and grab the El Chido’s photo evidence.

Crisis of Faith

On the edge of the Uma Marca location stands a building that belongs to the cult. It has flags hanging at the entrance. Go up the stairs and grab the recording from the central office.

Cult of Santa Muerte (criminal practice)

The last file is located in the central-northern part of the region, at the Santa Muerte Idol’s location. It’s right at the top of the hill near the communications tower.

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