Ghostrunner 2: How to Complete Roguerunner Simulations

Tackle randomized challenges via the Roguerunner simulation in Ghostrunner 2.

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Ghostrunner 2 has a side activity that you can tackle, which presents new challenges. Our guide discusses how to complete Roguerunner simulations in Ghostrunner 2 so you can earn additional rewards.

How to Complete Roguerunner Simulations in Ghostrunner 2

You can complete Roguerunner simulations in Ghostrunner 2 by clearing the prerequisite challenges on the board without losing all your lives. To be clear, this feature only becomes available after you’ve completed The Hacker’s Den mission, which is also when you meet Kira. Then, upon returning to the hub, you’ll notice a reclining chair that you can jack in, which kickstarts the simulation. Alternatively, you can select the Roguerunner.exe simulation via the main menu, too.

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How Do the Roguerunner Challenge Nodes Work

The Ghostrunner 2 Roguerunner stages have procedurally generated nodes. That means whenever you start a new run, the nodes tend to be randomized, and you’ll likely make different decisions on how you’ll follow the “connecting path” that leads to the finale.

Moreover, there’s a counter in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you lose all your lives, you’ll have to restart your attempt from the beginning. However, the number of lives also increases when you finish challenging tasks. Last but not least, the perks and skills you’ve obtained during the campaign are deactivated. As such, you need to select unlockable perks as you complete nodes.

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Here are the types of nodes that you’ll see in Roguerunner stages:

  • Arena Node: Defeat all the enemies in the arena.
  • Parkour Node: Traverse the area using various means, which often include environmental hazards.
  • Arcade Node: Choose a specific perk reward; the success of acquiring the perk is based on its rarity/tier.
  • Shop Node: Acquire a perk reward in exchange for a select number of lives. You may also pass if you don’t want to expend your lives.
  • Final Node: The conclusion of the entire stage. Completing this nets you a reward, such as a cosmetic color scheme.

Best Perks to Select in the Roguerunner Simulation

I have to note that the perks you obtain in the Roguerunner activity tend to come from a randomized pool. As such, I advise you to be mindful of what you’ll select as you progress. Likewise, you can find higher-tier variants with improved effects. I prefer the following:

  • Four-Leaf Clover: There’s a chance that your character survives a fatal hit.
  • Ghost Jammer: Gap-jamming (i.e. grappling) during combat makes you immune to all projectiles and melee attacks.
  • Short Circuit: Performing a perfect parry electrocutes all enemies around you.
  • Flow Booster: Each combo counter multiplier increases your movement speed.
  • Long-Distance Thrusters: Dashing on the ground launches you further.
  • Hydraulics Adjustment: Dashing costs less stamina.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to complete Roguerunner stages in Ghostrunner 2. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our GR2 guides hub.

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