Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Get the Bow

The bow in Ghostwire Tokyo is ideal for taking out enemies from afar, but you'll need to keep an eye out for arrows.

The bow in Ghostwire Tokyo is ideal for taking out enemies from afar, but you'll need to keep an eye out for arrows.

The Ghostwire Tokyo bow is an excellent tool for taking down Visitors without getting your hands dirty – or pulled off – but it’s not something you can just whip out on any occasion. It’s impractical for most close encounters, and more importantly, Ghostwire limits how many arrows you can carry. Still, you can always find more or shell out for them, and some skills boost your maximum capacity as well.

How to Get the Bow in Ghostwire Tokyo

You’ll need a bit of patience to get the bow, not because it’s hard to obtain, but because it’s gated behind story progress. Akito runs across the bow during his visit to KK’s apartment. It’s a key moment, and you’ll need to use it immediately afterwards to destroy some spectral barriers around the apartment complex.

When you aren’t shooting barriers and cleansing spectral sludge from afar, you’ll use the bow to take down enemies from a distance. You can defeat one or two Visitors before they spot you this way, which gives you greater control over encounters and how many enemies swarm you at once.

To use the bow, hold “R1” (on PlayStation) to open the weapon menu. Select the bow using the right stick, then hold “L2” to aim and then push “R2” down. The longer you hold “R2,” the longer the shot charges. Charged shots deal more damage, so bear that in mind if you need to take a lone Visitor out before it sees you there.


How to Get More Arrows in Ghostwire Tokyo

You start with a few arrows and can hold 10, which is definitely not many. Some arrows are scattered around Tokyo in random places – alleyways, for example, or empty stalls – but the most reliable way to get arrows is buying them at shops. Most convenience stores sell 10 arrows at a time.

If you plan on using the bow often, we also recommend investing some skill points in the Quiver Boost upgrades. The third tier of this skill maxes your quiver capacity out to 20 arrows, which still isn’t much, but it’s much better than the base max of 10. Draw Speed Boost is less useful, though. Ideally, you’ll be hidden when using the bow, so draw speed won’t matter. 

That’s all you need to know about how to get the bow in Ghostwire Tokyo and where to find more arrows, but check out our other Ghostwire Tokyo guides for more tips and tricks.

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