Gigantic Game Hero Overview and Selection Guide

Our guide will help you choose a hero to play in Motiga's upcoming Gigantic game.

Gigantic made a huge splash this year at Pax East with colorful, eye-catching graphics and a bevy of heroes with various play styles and abilities. To help you choose what you want to play here is an overview and tips and tricks for every playable hero.

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Gigantic is planning a 2015 release but was showing alpha versions at Pax East. Based on observations at the booth, they are clearly community oriented, and I expect the hero choices to grow and change heavily based on user feedback.

Gigantic game controls are WASD for movement and the following Diablo-esq ability patterns:

Left Mouse Button: Primary attack
Right Mouse Button: Secondary attack
Q: First Ability
E: Second Ability
F: Ultimate

Attacks and abilities can be upgraded as you gain experience and passive abilities are upgraded every few levels.

Gameplay is team based 5v5 and uses point control for buffs and defense. The teams guard a massive Guardian and the fight culminates when the Guardians move to the middle of the map in a final standoff alongside the teams. The overall gameplay is a new take on the MOBA genre and not even a single control point is required to be taken or controlled to win.

Gigantic Heroes


Ranged Fire Mage that uses piercing attacks and AOE to burn enemies.


LMB: Heat Wave – AOE projectile.
RMB: Dragon’s Breath – Cone of flame.
Q: Detonate – Damages enemies near you while launching you in the direction you choose.
E: Hot Hail – Flaming rocks from the sky.
F: Flame On – Rivers of flame spew forth in front of you.

  • Team fight Focused
  • Deals AOE Damage
  • Squishy
  • Main attack Pierces


A ranged summoner that uses portals and summoned beasts to fight on the battlefield.


LMB: Reach Out – Melee attack with extra reach.
RMB: Portal Beast – Portal beasts placed on the ground.
Q: Hidden Portal – Portal trap that launches enemies.
E: Displacement – Disappear into a portal and reappear nearby where you choose.
F: Abyss – Pull enemies in and flings them into the sky.


Ranged and tanky (because he is a tank), KH-206 unleashes a barrage of bullets while soaking up the damage.


LMB: Bullet Barrage – A stream of bullets.
RMB: Rail Gun – A powerful energy blast.
Q: Mortar – Piercing projectile.
E: Fortify – Boosts your armor, but you are immobilized.
F: S.W.A.R.M – A barrage of homing missiles.

  • Greater range than most heroes
  • Shield provides advantage vs. other ranged
  • Self-repair and fortify provides more ability to dig in
  • Has piercing shots that go right through even the tankiest opponents


Imani is a ranged character with a crossbow for sniping. Imani is styled after WWI or WWII spies.


LMB: Autobolts – Medium range shots
RMB: Silent Scope – Zoomed in deadly single shots. 3 seconds to deal maximum damage.
Q: Cycle Ammo – Tap once for high damage explosive bolt, twice for slowing frost bolt.
E: Smoke Bomb – Launch and invisibility for 2 seconds.
F: In The Zone – Your most powerful single shot.


A melee hero focused on crowd control, slows, and traps.


LMB: Smash – devastating melee attack
RMB: Chuck – hurl a spear at your foe
Q: Gore – Throws your enemy with your horns
E: Bull Rush – A short sprint
F: Labyrinth – Spears fall from the sky trapping your enemies

  • Lacks vertical movement, but can move horzontally very quickly.
  • Torus -> Gore -> Bull Rush -> Spear Finisher is very, very powerful.


A ranged magician with magic lightning bolts and slowing beams.


LMB: Magic Bolt – Release magic bolts, attack rate increases as you hold.
RMB: Attractor Beam – beam attack that slows enemies
Q: Arcane Vortex – Create a vortex that deflects enemy projectiles
E: Dimension Door – Teleport nearby
F: Death Ray – Immobilizing beam attack


A bounty hunter styled ranged hero. Shoots a powerful main shot and has a bola that stuns and slows. Rolands grappling hook provides a quick escape when things get tough.


LMB: Blunderbuss – A powerful shotgun blast
RMB: Entangling Bolas – A projectile that stuns and slows
Q: Grappling Hook – Pull you to the target location, while tripping enemies you hit.
E: Suppressing Fire – A barrage that ignites enemies
F: Hand Cannon – Blasts your enemies and launches them upward

The Margrave

A melee hero capable of absorbing massive damage and dealing massive slashing damage. The Margrave’s secondary attack, Frenzy, slows The Margrave but also deflects incoming projectiles. The Margrave is a master of interrupts.


LMB: Slash – A powerful melee attack combo
RMB: Frenzy – A rapid attack that slows you, but deflects incoming projectiles
Q: Charge – A spring that interrupts enemies
E: Leap – A leaping interrupt
F: Smash – A shockwave that launches enemies

  • Frenzy can block projectiles from others too
  • The Margrave has good mobility. Use it to choose where you fight.
  • Working with other more damage heavy heroes provides protection for them, but allows you to kill and survive encounters.


Cloak and shank enemies from the shadows. Daggers and plasma blades provide high damage.


LMB: Lightning Strikes – Deliver lightning-fast dagger attacks.
RMB: Plasma Blades – Throw daggers to inflict ongoing bleed damage.
Q: Electric Slide – Move forward rapidly, tap again to kick enemies into the air.
E: Flash Dance – short term invisibility
F: Bladestorm – A flurry of close-range melee attacks

  • Very high damage
  • Sprinting speed is second only to Tyto so use this to avoid damage
  • Speed provides ability to reach areas before other heroes. This can give you time to power up on the enemy guardians before others can react.
  • Use dodge! You are squishy!
  • Your cloak is not full invisibility. You are vulnerable to AOE and observant players.
  • Your stamina regen is really high. You will need it to sprint away from fights you don’t have the upper hand in.

Tyto the Swift

A melee hero styled after a fencing swordsman. An agile attacker who uses Slash and Swoop to take down opponents. Tyto has a pet named “Fang” who is a pet mouse.


LMB: Talon – A slashing sword attack
RMB: Swoop – Leap as you lunge with your sword
Q: Blade Dance – Sping your sword to attack in all directions
E: Fang – Fang attacks the enemy you target
F: Blur – You rush forward delivering bleeding wounds to enemies you pass

  • Fang can be used as a dot and a distraction.
  • Blade Dance increases mobility.

Uncle Sven

A ranged hero that uses magical potions and has support abilities.


LMB: Fire Flask – A flash that lights enemies on fire
RMB: Acid Flask – Throw a flask creating a pool of acid that damages enemies and reduces armor
Q: Elastic Ooze – Create a puddle enabling super jumps
E: Healing Waters – Create a puddle that heals allies
F: Chaos Quaff – A flask that turns enemies into small lizard creatures which prevents them from using skills.

  • Primarily a support character. Move with your team.
  • Your attacks behave like grenades.
  • Acid flash is a percentage armor reduction so use it on the high armor enemies
  • Your super jump puddle is for allies; enemies are knocked away


A ranged hero with a bit of damage and support. Orbs drain your health, but boost your powers. You’ve got to keep this effect in balance.


LMB: Ray of Judgement – A beam that hurts enemies and heals allies. Orbs provide more power.
RMB: Smite – A fiery projectile. Orbs provide more power.
Q: Divine Wind – Heals you. Uses all orbs to increase health regen.
E: Devotion – Creates up to three orbs which drain your health until another skill uses them.
F: Armor of Faith – You are immune to damage for a short time.


A ranged hero with bows and poisons.


LMB: Shoots an arrow. Hold down for more power.
RMB: Creates a poisonous cloud. Arrows shot through the cloud become poisonous.
Q: Green Man – Create a decoy of yourself.
E: Hidden Spring – A pool of water that enables super jumps and heals you and your allies.
F: Natural Roots – Immobilizes nearby enemies.

  • Hidden Spring is good for all allies around you.
  • Use poison spores in team fights where you know the enemy is likely to stay in the area for a period of time.
  • Your decoy is pretty convincing. Using it properly can be incredibly powerful.


A ranged shadow witch that uses dark magic and steals lives.


LMB: Gaze of Envy – Hold down to drain enemy health and heal yourself.
RMB: Words of Sprite – A curse that slows enemy movement and reduces armor.
Q: Wall of Sorrow – Sends a wave that damages and interrupts enemies.
E: Mark of Despair – Creates an area that slows enemies and reduces their damage.
F: Cursed Soul – Enemy hits heal your allies.

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