God of War: Ragnarok — Best Armor Sets

Give Kratos a better chance to survive with the help of our list of the best armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok.

Give Kratos a better chance to survive with the help of our list of the best armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok.
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There are more than 20 different armor sets for Kratos to wear in God of War: Ragnarok. Many are available in the early game, but the best ones become available in the second half of the main campaign.

This guide will provide you with a list of the best armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok, including how to get them all.

Steinbjorn Armor Set

The Steinbjorn armor set consists of the following pieces:

  • Steinbjorn Plackart (Defense: 190).
  • Steinbjorn Gauntlets (Defense: 85; Strength: 34).
  • Steinbjorn Waist Guard (Defense: 119).

If you have a fully upgraded Steinbjorn set, then your defense stat will count more than 400 points in total, and that alone will make you invincible to almost any attacks.

The chest piece of the Steinbjorn armor is universal in regards to the damage it can handle, including both sharp and blunt weapons. But the best part about it is that it will heal you over time once you start losing HP.

The rest of the armor is mainly focused on stagger effects. There is also a slight chance to inflict stun on enemies when you receive damage.

How to Get Steinbjorn Armor Set

The entire set can be crafted with Slumber Stones, and here are some tips on how to get them:

  1. Craft Draupnir Spear.
  2. Obtain the Mystical Heirloom relic from the Myr’s Temple in Midgard.
  3. Find Sleeping Troll statues all over the Nine Realms.
  4. Awaken and defeat the Trolls with the equipped spear and relic.
  5. Collect Slumber Stones as rewards.

Once you have at least 4 Slumber Stones, you can craft an entire Steinbjorn armor set at Brok’s or Sindri’s shop.

Berserker Armor Set

The Berserker armor set consists of the following pieces:

  • Berserker Cuirass (Defense: 27; Strength: 68; Runic: 41; Vitality: 41; Cooldown: 41; Luck: 41).
  • Berserker Gauntlets (Strength: 77; Runic: 21; Vitality: 21; Cooldown: 21; Luck: 21).
  • Berserker Waist Guard (Defense: 41; Runic: 11; Vitality: 11; Cooldown: 11; Luck: 11).

Many consider the Berserker armor superior to the Steinbjorn set, as it provides both powerful defense and boosts the rest of Kratos’ stats. If you’re more interested in a universal type of armor rather than it being simply impenetrable, as is the case with the Steinbjorn armor, then pick up the Berserker set instead.

One of its biggest upsides is that Berserker armor significantly increases your melee damage. If you deliver successful hits with your weapon, then there is a chance of enabling a Soul Explosion, which can help you overcome the hardest of battles.

How to Get Berserker Armor Set

The entire Berserker set can be obtained during the “Fit for a King” favor, which requires you defeat Berserker souls at a number of Berserker Gravestones for special rewards.

Here are the locations of the Gravestones for each of the pieces of the Berserker armor:

  • Berserker Cuirass: The Barrens, Alfheim.
  • Berserker Gauntlets: Mist Fields, Nilfheim.
  • Berserker Waist Guard: Lake of Nine, Midgard.

Surtr’s Scorched Armor Set

The Surtr’s Scorched armor set consists of the following pieces:

  • Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass (Defense: 68; Strength: 82; Vitality: 48).
  • Surtr’s Scorched Arm (Strength: 94; Vitality: 30).
  • Surtr’s Scorched Girdle (Defense: 76; Strength: 17; Vitality: 30).

This particular armor set is focused almost entirely on buffing Kratos’ strength and vitality. You will survive not because your defenses are strong but because you will defeat your enemies much faster and stay alive much longer.

But there is also a strong defensive element to this armor, which has increased resistance to stagger damage.

How to Get Surtr’s Scorched Armor

Once you find the second Muspelheim seed piece, travel to the Muspelheim Crucible, where a number of challenges can be completed for special rewards. You will win the pieces of this armor by completing the following Crucible challenges:

  • Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass: Endurance Challenge.
  • Surtr’s Scorched Arm: Ring of Fire Challenge.
  • Surtr’s Scorched Girdle: Boss Rush Challenge.

Lunda’s Lost Armor Set

The Lunda’s Lost armor set consists of the following pieces:

  • Lunda’s Lost Cuirass (Defense: 54; Strength: 68; Runic: 54).
  • Lunda’s Lost Bracers (Strength: 77; Runic: 17; Luck: 34).
  • Lunda’s Lost Belt (Defense: 77; Runic: 17; Luck: 34).

Lastly, here is an armor set that gives Kratos the power to poison enemies, which kills them slowly with damage over time, a helpful tool at higher difficulties, especially later in the game.

How to Get Lunda’s Lost Armor

Finding all three pieces of this armor will take some time, but you can follow our guide on how to get Lunda’s Lost Armor for all the details.

Those are the best armor sets in God of War: Ragnarok. For other locations guides, walkthroughs, and more, head over to our Ragnarok tips hub right here.

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