Here's where to find all of the collectibles in Alfheim's Temple of Light location in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok — Temple of Light Collectibles Guide

Here's where to find all of the collectibles in Alfheim's Temple of Light location in God of War: Ragnarok.

You’ll first reach Alfheim’s Temple of Light location in God of War: Ragnarok during the Groa’s Secret story quest. Unlike most of the other areas you’ve explored up to this point, you’ll be able to get all of the collectibles in the Temple of Light during this quest. Try to pick these all up your first time through, as there’s no Mystic Gateway to return for some time. 

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Here’s what you can expect to find: 

  • x1 Nornir Chest
  • x2 Lore
  • x2 Odin’s Ravens
  • x2 Artifacts
  • x3 Legendary Chests

Alfheim: Temple of Light Collectibles Locations

Lore Scroll (The Bifrost Bridge)

From the statue, go right and open the door. Follow the path, then swing over and go right up the stairs. Then go through another door, up the stairs, then through a third door. You’ll fight several enemies here, then Tyr will help you swing over on two bronze panels up to a ledge.

At the top, go right, up the stairs, then left up more stairs. At the top of the stairs, look left to see a ledge, then drop down and follow the path left all the way to the end. The Scroll is on the ground.

Legendary Chest 1

  • Reward: Hades Retribution Light Runic Attack.

From the scroll, turn around, and drop down the ledge to the right. Turn left to see the Legendary Chest.

Odin’s Raven 1

From the Chest, go back up the ledge, and go left. You’ll see the Raven behind a grate. Use the crystal to the left to bounce the Leviathan Axe behind the grate for the collectible.

Artifact (Kvasir’s Poems – Visions After Rest)

From the Raven, go right and back up the ledge. Then go left and up the stairs to the top. Turn right to essentially double back, then climb up the ledge. Follow the path around to the left to find the Artifact at the end. You’ll need to reach this area to open the gate.

Legendary Chest 2

  • Reward: Hilt of Gram Relic.

Open the gate, and defeat the enemies. Go up to the right, going up the stairs; you’ll be following Tyr at this point. Go through the door at the top of the stairs, then up another set of stairs. At the top, go left to drop down off the ledge. There will be a mechanism on the floor; turn right and go through the door.

Interact with the chain on the other side, and use the crystal that appears to raise the elevator. Release the mechanism, then call the Leviathan Axe back. Then drop down, and the Chest will be in front of you.

Artifact (Kvasir’s Poems – Spirits Within Walls)

From the Chest, climb back up the wall, and defeat the enemies. Go through the door, then left to interact with the floor mechanism. Lower it once, then use the Leviathan Axe to destroy the crystal powering the gate. Go through the gate, then left to find this on a table.

Legendary Chest 3

  • Reward: Rune-Engraved Release.

From there, follow the path through the hallway and a door. Fight the Elves on the other side before knocking down the metal plate on the left edge of the area (left of the door you entered).

You’ll see several hanging plates you can grapple to and the Legendary Chest near a light door on the other side. Use the grapple point to get to the tower on the left side, then destroy the crystal powering the light door to gain access to the Chest.

Nornir Chest

  • Reward: Horn of Blood Mead Rage Increase.

Push the statues down to create the first light bridge and cross it. The Nornir Chest will be on the other side, on the right.

  • Rune Bell 1: On a balcony to the left of the Nornir Chest
  • Rune Bell 2: On a grate in a small alcove to the right once going through the door to the right of the Chest. Use Atreus’ Sonic Arrows to break the green metal to reveal it.
  • Rune Bell 3: Directly to the left of the Chest.

Odin’s Raven 2

Go up the stairs from the Nornir Chest into the next area with the light beam in the middle, and defeat the Elves that appear. Look on the left side of the stairs in the back of the area for the bird perched on a balcony.

Lore Runes (Limitless)

Continue to follow the path up and past the next light door puzzle. You’ll go outside, then reenter into a large chamber with yet another light door. Use Atreus’ Sonic Arrows to break the green metal on the statue to the right of the light door, then use the grapple point it creates. The Lore Runes will be on a wall on the right side of the platform when you land.

And those are all of the collectibles to find in Alfheim’s Temple of Light during God of War: Ragnarok‘s story quest, Groa’s Secret. We have plenty more guides covering the locations of Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, and more by area over in our Ragnarok guides hub

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