Going Platinum: How to get all the achievements in Minecraft

Gameskinny guides you through the world of Minecraft in pursuit of the Platinum trophy.

Gameskinny guides you through the world of Minecraft in pursuit of the Platinum trophy.
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We’re back again with another installment of Going Platinum. This week, we take a look at a Mojang’s brilliantly simplistic block building game that’s continued to stay in the spotlight for years: Minecraft.

As usual, this guide will include only silver and gold trophies that aren’t obtainable through the main progress of the game. Seeing as Minecraft has no story, very few trophies will be excluded this week.

Silver Trophies:

When Pigs Fly: Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig take damage from a fall while riding it. This trophy is pretty simple, but will require a saddle, which can only be found in chests or traded from villagers. The easiest way to obtain this is to fire up a seed with several villages. After that, you’ll need some carrots (also found in villages) and a fishing rod made from sticks and string to make a carrot on a stick. Slap the saddle on the pig and guide it up a small mountain. From there, simply guide it off a ledge and you’re one step closer to platinum.

The Haggler: Mine or purchase 30 emeralds. This one can seem overwhelming at first, mostly because emeralds are one of the rarest treasures found underground. Emeralds can also be traded to and from villagers. The easiest path to 30 emeralds is to find a villager that will trade you an emerald for something easily obtainable, such as cooked meat or wheat. Wheat proved the easiest, as villages usually have a small farm started, which you can exponentially expand once you get the wheat seeds from harvesting the original wheat.

Return to Sender: Kill a Ghast with a fireball. The Nether is a frustrating place full of infinitely spawning enemies that will kill you time and time again without mercy. That being said, this trophy will take a good amount of prep. You’ll need:

  • diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe (preferably enough for armor too)
  • Obsidian ore (obtained with a diamond pickaxe).
  • a nether portal, ignited with flint and steel
  • several swords (preferably diamond)
  • enough food to keep you healed

From there, enter the Nether and find a Ghast (large white cat-octopus that floats through the air). Stand out in the open and let it shoot fireballs at you. Deflecting them properly will take time to figure out and hitting your target will take even longer but it’s definitely doable.

Rainbow Collection: Gather all 16 colors of wool. This is one of the most easily obtainable silver trophies from the start of the game. It’s all about gathering raw materials to turn into dyes and white wool to dye into various colors. You will need:

  • red flowers
  • yellow flowers
  • ink sacks
  • cocoa beans
  • bone meal
  • cactus
  • lapis lazuli

These raw materials will all combine to make the colors you need for your rainbow of wool.

Adventuring Time: Discover 17 of 23 possible biomes. Biomes are just a fancy terms for different environmental areas of the map, whether it be desert, snowy plains, grasslands, etc. This trophy will most likely take a long time as there is no notification when you’ve stepped into a new biome. This means you’re in for a lot of walking. The best way to accomplish this is to find a seed with a variety of biomes then browse it in creative mode to get a lay of the land before setting it to ‘peaceful’ and doing some footwork in survival.

Gold Trophies:

Zombie Doctor: Cure a zombie villager. Zombie villagers are a subclass of zombies that spawn at a much lesser rate at night. Once you’re prepped enough to actually stay up at night and fight through sunrise, build a container to keep the villager in when he spawn; it has to be somewhere he can’t escape but also can’t get damaged by sunlight during the day. Once you trapped him, you’ll need to hit him with a splash potion of weakness, then feed him a golden apple. The transformation may take a minute or two, but once it’s completed you’ll have your trophy.

The End?: Enter an End Portal. End Portals can only be found in strongholds. They require 12 Eyes of Ender to activate, which can be made from ender pearls combined with blaze powder. Blaze powder is easily obtained through the Nether; however, Ender Pearls will require you to fight through several nights, going after Endermen. This can take some time, but once completed, all you have to do is jump in the portal.

On a Rail: Travel 500m by Minecart in one direction. This trophy is notoriously painstaking to achieve. We have a separate guide for this one altogether, which you can find here.

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