There are some vehicles in Gran Turismo 7 that can't be bought outright. Here's how to use invitations to unlock these cars at Brand Central.

Gran Turismo 7 Brand Central: Car Invitations Explained

There are some vehicles in Gran Turismo 7 that can't be bought outright. Here's how to use invitations to unlock these cars at Brand Central.

There are over 400 different cars to collect in Gran Turismo 7. However, not all of them can be unlocked or purchased with credits directly. Some of the fastest cars in the game require you to have an invitation before being able to purchase them.

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In this Gran Turismo 7 guide, we’ll explain how to get and use car invitations to buy cars so you can complete your entire collection.

What are Car Invitations in Gran Turismo 7?

When navigating Gran Turismo 7’s world map, you may have come across a location called Brand Central. Brand Central is similar to the Used Car Dealership, as they are both locations where you can use credits to purchase cars. However, in order to buy anything from Brand Central, you’ll also need car invitations.

Brand Central offers cars produced after 2001, including some of the fastest and most expensive cars in Gran Turismo 7. Also, the selection of cars available at Brand Central does not refresh, so you’ll always have the chance to purchase the vehicles you want.

As it stands, the best way to get invitations to purchase cars in Gran Turismo 7 is through Roulette Tickets. These tickets can be earned as rewards for completing the Café’s Menu Books or the Daily Workout. Still, you’ll need to get lucky since roulette tickets function similar to loot boxes, and there is no guarantee of getting an invitation from them.

After getting an invitation, visit Brand Central to use it and purchase a vehicle. You’ll know when you have an invitation when the Brand Central pavilion on the world map will have a purple envelope above it. When at Brand Central, select the region and car manufacturer with the purple envelope until you find the car you’ve been invited to purchase. Now all you’ve got to do is purchase the car with credits and it will be yours to keep. 

It is also worth noting that you’ll want to act fast as these invitations expire after just two weeks. So if you forget to use the invite, you’ll need to get another one from roulette tickets in order to purchase a car from Brand Central.

And that’s all you need to know about how to get and use car invitations in Gran Turismo 7.  For more tips and tricks, head over to our dedicated hub page. Also, be sure to read our official Gran Turismo 7 review.

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