Adding custom music to GTAV PC is easy peasy.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC – Quick and Dirty Guide to Adding Music to Self Radio

Adding custom music to GTAV PC is easy peasy.

Grand Theft Auto 5‘s radio stations might be nice, but sometimes you just want to kick it to your own tunes. That’s where Self Radio comes in handy, and it’s really easy to add your personal music files to the game.

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First and foremost: Make sure you’ve exited the game and find the game’s User Music folder.

The GTA5 User Music folder is found in the documents folder for the Windows account you installed the game onto.

Below is the exact directory to the User Music folder. Where it says ‘YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME’ is simply filler for whatever your Windows account username is.

C:YOUR WINDOWS USERNAMEMy DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA VUser Music

Basically as long as you can find your way to your My Documents folder, you can easily find your way to GTA5‘s User Music folder.

After adding some MP3 files (I haven’t gotten to test FLAC or other formats yet), load the game and head into ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Audio’ once you’ve gone to ‘Settings’.

From here, choose ‘Perform Quick Scan for Music’ so the game will find the new files you’ve added to the User Music folder.

And with that, you’ve successfully added your own music to Grand Theft Auto 5 with minimal effort.

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