To maximize your skills in Gravity Rush 2, you're going to have to grind precious gems. But this guide will cut the time you spend doing it in half.

Gravity Rush 2: How to Farm Precious Gems Faster

To maximize your skills in Gravity Rush 2, you're going to have to grind precious gems. But this guide will cut the time you spend doing it in half.

Precious gems are the lifeblood of Gravity Rush 2, and they’re mostly everywhere in every zone of the game. They are the currency by which you upgrade all of Kat’s abilities, helping you hit harder, slide faster, and evade more efficiently. But how do you farm precious gems faster? 

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To help you level up faster and get the most out the ore deposits you see throughout Gravity Rush 2’s vibrant, chaotic world, here are some really quick tips on how to farm precious gems much, much faster

Your Missions, Should You Choose to Accept Them

There are three types of missions that will net you precious gems in Gravity Rush 2:

  • Main story missions
  • Challenge missions
  • Mining missions

We’ll get to mining missions shortly, which are a bit different and even more lucrative than story and challenge missions. But regardless of which missions you choose, there’s a high likelihood that you will find outcroppings of Gravity Ore scattered throughout the zone in which your mission takes place.

These Gravity Ore outcroppings are literally everywhere: on the ground, on the sides of buildings or cliffs, and even underneath outcroppings on various islands (the landmasses that populate many of GR2’s zones). 

Depending on which mission you’ve chosen (you can go back to each mission type and replay it after you’ve initially unlocked it), make sure to focus on mining ore before taking out any enemies. 

Once certain mobs are eliminated in certain missions, the mission can either end or the player can (sometimes) be pushed through the area, leaving precious gems behind. Of course, this more passive tactic depends on what difficulty you’re playing Gravity Rush 2, but even at harder difficulties, certain enemies are a breeze to avoid until the time is right.

Challenge missions often provide increased gem bonuses over story missions. However, the prizes for these challenge missions are based on a bronze, silver, and gold tiering system, meaning that your performance decides the number of precious gems you receive at the end of each challenge.

And more importantly, the precious gems these challenges pay out upon completion can only be obtained one time. Challenge missions cannot be farmed for more gems. So, whatever rank you receive on challenges is directly linked to the amount of (one-time) gems you’ll receive from that specific challenge mission. 

But the Absolute Best Way Farm More Gems Faster is to Do Mining Missions

A special kind of errand, mining missions are those that you can embark upon in GR2 to specifically mine precious gems. To access mining missions, visit Misai at the Banga Settlement’s big mining boat (pictured above). Go up the stairs to the main deck and take an immediate left. Talk to Misai, and a menu of the available mining missions pops up.

Here you’ll want to pay special attention to both the mining population (in the bottom right-hand corner of each mining site’s tab) and the gravity concentration in each mining location.

The higher the current mining population in a zone, the more lucrative that zone will be for mining. This means you’ll maximize your time and effort and get more precious gems faster.

You can get precious gems outside of Gravity Rush 2‘s missions, as many can be found littered throughout GR2’s many locations. However, collecting gems in this fashion is supplementary to mining and will provide you minimum overall value to spend toward Kat’s skills.

The Art of Farming Faster, Young Grasshopper

Don’t just rely on Kat’s basic attacks to mine ore for precious gems. Instead, mix things up by sprinkling in gravity kicks and stasis fields to expedite the process. These abilities are particularly useful when you’re trying to acquire gems from awkwardly positioned ore deposits, such as those on the sides of islands or underneath outcroppings. 

Using these abilities will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to shift and land at peculiar and awkward angles, which is sometimes a major hassle. Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on your gravity meter and that it doesn’t deplete when you’re over a chasm or bottomless pit of sky.

To maximize your time even more, always look ahead and keep Kat and the camera moving. Always look past your current ore target to the next target in line. This helps you strategize your movements and ability usage ahead of time. Small ore deposits often take only one hit to break open, while larger ore deposits take 3-4 hits to break open. This too can help you plan your movement through an ore field and between islands.

Look for gems that look like squares when you’re on your mining escapades. These particular gems are worth 50 precious gems, while the typical crystal-shaped precious gems are only worth one gem.

That’s it for this quick guide on farming precious gems. Not only will you be more powerful now, you’ll eventually snag the gold Gem Collector trophy for mining 60,000 precious gems. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more guides on Gravity Rush 2.

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