Need the best gear in GreedFall? This guide details the locations of the game's legendary weapons and armor while giving info on how to get them.

GreedFall Legendary Gear Guide: Weapons and Armor Locations

Need the best gear in GreedFall? This guide details the locations of the game's legendary weapons and armor while giving info on how to get them.

GreedFall is a huge game, and there are tons of different builds and strategies you can put together to help you succeed. However, one of the best boosts you can get comes from the legendary gear you find in the form of legendary weapons and legendary armor.

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To get these epic sets, you often need to complete certain quests or quest chains. Below, you will find two lists: one for legendary weapons and one for legendary armor. Each entry lists the requirements for each item and set, as well as how to get them and where to find them on the open-world map. 

GreedFall Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapon #1: Asili’s Blunderbuss

You can find this gun during the “Doctor Asili’s Experiments” quest. Look for the chest inside Asili’s lab.

Legendary Weapon #2: Broadsword of the Deceased King

To obtain this brutal two-handed weapon, you need to complete the quest “Champion of the Arena.”

The arena is located in New Serene in the basement of the Coin Guard Tavern. You will have to fight through waves of tough enemies, so come prepared.

Legendary Weapon #3: Great Honor Duel Flamberge

Go to the Hot Springs in Magasvar: The Vale of the Great Battle. Complete the boss fight and look for a corpse with a “Coin Guard Soldier’s Key” item on it. Take that, then head to the easternmost area in this section.

There is a watchtower in a camp there. Climb to the top and use the key to open the chest and obtain the weapon.

Legendary Weapon #4: Great Scythe

The great scythe is one of the best weapons in the game and can only be obtained in Root’s Passage. This area is only available during one quest: “Quest for a Panacea.”

When exploring Root’s Passage, you will come across a broken bridge. If you go around it, you will find passages off to the side. Follow the pathway to the right, and you will find a glowing room. The great scythe inside.

Legendary Weapon #5: Hammer of the Forgotten God

This is probably the easiest legendary weapon to obtain.

Build up your reputation with the Coin Guard faction to at least “Nice.” You will then find this inside a chest in your camp or residence.

Legendary Weapon #6: Light Flamberge

This weapon is in the Wenshaganaw Singing Waters. You will find a location in this area with a large group of difficult enemies wearing skull helmets. They are guarding a chest with the light flamberge inside.

A good strategy for killing these tough enemies is to lure one away from the group, then defeat them on their own. Back up, heal, and pick the others off until you can reach the chest.

Legendary Weapon #7: Scimitar

You will find this weapon in Glendgnamvar: The Shore of the Tall Bones. It is in the southeastern part of the map, on the way to Bedri.

Be on the lookout for a broken bridge with a corpse underneath it. Grab a key off the corpse, then move up to the bridge. Have your Vigor stat increased to at least Level 2 in order to leap over the gap.

On the other side of the gap, you’ll find a chest with the Scimitar inside.

Legendary Weapon #8: Yataghan

Like the Scimitar, you’ll find the Yataghan in Glendgnamvar: The Shore of the Tall Bones. To get this weapon, you’ll want to travel to the Ruins of Didri subsection.

Defeat the boss to find a chest nearby that contains this one-handed weapon.

GreedFall Legendary Armor

Legendary Armor #1: The Major Set

This set is located in Magasvar: The Vale of the Great Battle near the Great Honor Duel Flamberge. Finish the boss fight to find a corpse in the water with a few pieces of this set and a key.

Take the key to the easternmost area in this section look for a watchtower in a camp. Climb to the top of the watchtower and use the key to open the chest.

Legendary Armor #2: The Merchant Prince Set

Go to the central area of Wenshaganaw: The Singing Waters. Defeat the boss there and search for a corpse wearing an orange coat in the nearby bushes.

Take the key from this body and head north up the river. You’ll soon find a locked chest near several rocks; open it to find this armor set.

Legendary Armor #3: Ring of Divine Fury

You’ll get the Ring of Divine Fury while completing the quest called “In Pursuit of the Tierna Harh Cadachtas.” Defeat the boss, including the summon that is called forth, and the ring will be placed in your inventory.

Legendary Armor #4: Saint Matheus Set

This set is located in Vedvilvie, inside the Cousoneigad Cave. Go through the huge stone archway to enter the cave, then head towards the northwestern portion of the area.

You’ll need to have increased your Intuition to Level 2 to get through the passage there. Open the chest and claim your armor.

There you have it: GreeFall‘s legendary gear locations for legendary weapons and legendary armor. Hopefully, this tips and tricks guide helped you find the weapons and armor you were looking for. For more on GreedFall, and to see why we compared it to The Witcher 3 and the Dragon Age franchise, be sure to head over to our full review here. And be sure to check out our other guides on the game while you’re here, such as our companion quest and romancing guide

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