Why just shoot enemies when you can also set them on fire and make them explode? This guide covers everything you need to know about combining the Inquisitor and Demolitionist classes!

Grim Dawn: Ashes Of Malmouth Inquisitor Purifier Build Guide

Why just shoot enemies when you can also set them on fire and make them explode? This guide covers everything you need to know about combining the Inquisitor and Demolitionist classes!
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With its dual class system, Grim Dawn already had a staggering number of mastery combos for creating a wide range of builds. Now that the Ashes Of Malmouth DLC has arrived, that number has significantly increased with the addition of the Necromancer and Inquisitor base classes.

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The holy Inquisitor is a ranged, combat gun specialist that employs rune abilities to augment his skill loadout. While there are seven possible mastery combinations to tinker with, at the moment, the best Inquisitor build is easily the Purifier, adding in the fire damage and crowd control abilities of the Demolitionist.

Below we cover everything you need to know to build an unstoppable Inquisitor Purifier!

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Grim Dawn Purifier Build (Inquisitor + Demolitionist)

For the Purifier build, you want to focus exclusively on pumping up your ranged pistol attacks (to absurd levels) and on making them burn with righteous fury.

While Word Of Pain and Storm Box Of Elgoloth seem like they would be the main Inquisitor skills to focus on, we’re actually going to ignore those two abilities entirely. With a few exceptions, the Demolitionist side of the build will take care of those area effect, hit chaining, and crowd control skills, so don’t even worry about them here. The Inquisitor runes can be useful, but they aren’t quite what we’re looking for on this particular build.

For the Inquisitor half of the build, we’ll focus almost exclusively on the top layer of the skill tree. Continuously pump points into Ranged Expertise to increase your firearm damage and attack speed. When it becomes available, trade between putting points into that skill and Bursting Round for fire damage that can hit nearby foes.

Since this is a ranged combat-focused build with no pets, you want to eventually spend points on Word Of Renewal for healing and the burst to defensive capability. This will be critical because Demolitionist doesn’t offer much on the defense front either.

When you get to 10 points in Inquisitor, Deadly Aim will be your next attack skill to focus on, giving you huge boosts to damage every few seconds. As the end of the Inquisitor skill tree approaches, Storm Spread is a great option for groups of enemies, although it does break our fire theme and bring in some electricity.

 Purifier Inquisitor Skill Breakdown

On the Inquisitor side of the build, obviously, the main focus is going to be Fire Strike, as that stacks with Ranged Expertise and adds bonus fire damage to your attacks. As you get to higher levels, don’t forget to upgrade to Explosive/Static Strike to make your attacks even more potent.

As with most Demolitoinist builds, don’t skimp on Flashbang. Since you don’t have a ton of healing or defense-boosting abilities (or a summoned minion to take the damage), you want anything that keeps hordes under control.

Flame Touched is another must-have skill, dealing fire damage when enemies get past your bullets and close to melee range. Vindictive Flame is another good option for fiery retaliation, and when you reach higher levels, Thermite Mine will become your big damage, area effect skill to focus on.

 Purifier Demolitionist Skill Breakdown

Following this skill breakdown, you can keep enemies at bay while sniping them down with ranged shots — and any who get through will get burned for their trouble!

This is just one possible way to assemble the Purifier, and of course, there are plenty of other viable builds for the Inquisitor, from the Vindicator (Shaman + Inquisitor) and the Mage Hunter (Arcanist + Inquisitor) to the unexpected Apostate combo (Necromancer + Inquisitor).

What’s your favorite Grim Dawn Inquisitor build so far, and what tweaks would you make to our Purifier skill breakdown? Let us know in the comments section below! If you’re looking for more builds and ways to master the game, be sure to check out the rest of our Grim Dawn guides here.

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