Grime: Missable Vendors Guide

If you aren't careful in Grime, you'll miss some of the vendors altogether. This guide tells you where to find them before they leave.

If you aren't careful in Grime, you'll miss some of the vendors altogether. This guide tells you where to find them before they leave.

You’ll find most of your weaponry and armor in the world, and said armor is merely decoration. What you’ll be using vendors in Grime for is mostly buying consumables and upgrade materials, though the odd rare item appears in vendor inventories later in the game.

Here’s the rub: you can miss some vendors entirely if you progress the story too far. And I do mean entirely. They disappear from the game for the rest of the playthrough.

This guide will mention all the missable vendors in the game, their locations, and how to avoid missing them.

Missable Vendors in Grime

Like Bloodborne and other Souls games, time “passes” in Grime whenever you defeat specific bosses. That means if you go far enough, you’ll miss every vendor in the game. When you make it to the last few bosses, the entire world will be empty of friendly NPCs.

For this article, we’re assuming you haven’t made it to the bottom of the Garden and talked to Shidra afterward.


Heod is found in many locations, with the first being in the Unformed Desert in the header image.

Heod makes his way throughout the world of Grime, but he’s only a merchant for the first two-thirds of the game. If you don’t buy what he’s selling by the time you reach the Garden, he’s gone forever.

The Art Merchant

Character with red arms holding a blade in a dimly lit cave.

The Art Merchant is found in Lower Lithic, though is missing in the above image.

Notorious for vanishing early on, you’ll want to buy everything the Art Merchant is selling before you take the lift through the Nerveroot to the Worldpillar.

Explore Lithic until you’ve found the Lithic Portrait, Poem, and Effigy and return them to the Merchant among his stone-trapped friends. Don’t leave until you do.

The Assistant

The Assistant vendor's trade menu.

The Assistant is found in The Worldpillar.

These strange, star-headed plant beings populate the area around and below the Worldpillar. They’ll announce themselves as assistants, and one of them provides a good amount of upgrade materials, weapons, and a single full set of armor. They hang around as long as Shidra does, leaving once you collect the ability to upgrade your gear at Levolam stones.

Shidra of the Worldpillar

A towering four-armed vendor looms above the player character below.

The godlike Shidra upgrades your gear until you learn the ability to do so yourself. After that, he vanishes from his home in search of…something.

One final note: if you miss Heod in either Lithic or the Nerveroot, some of his stock will appear at the Assistant in the Worldpillar, particularly weapons and other gear. His inventory of consumables stays with him, however, so if you want to stock up on usable items, spend your Mass whenever you run across the rocky codger.

That’s it for missable vendors in Grime. Check out our other Grime guides here on GameSkinny.

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