The bee armor is arguably the hardest armor set to get in Grounded, but with our guide, it doesn't have to be.

Grounded Guide: How to Get Bee Armor

The bee armor is arguably the hardest armor set to get in Grounded, but with our guide, it doesn't have to be.

Even though the survival game is in Game Preview/Early Access, there are already several armor sets to acquire in Grounded. Depending on what kind of build you’re going for, you may want to get the Grub Armor, Ant Armor, or one of several others, including the Bee Armor.

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If it’s the latter you’re after, either for its stats or just to max out your collection like batsuits below Wayne Manor, this guide will walk you through how to find the well-hidden armor set. 

How to Get the Bee Armor in Grounded

To start, you’ll want to find your bearings. Head to the center of where the three lasers converge at the Mysterious Machine location. You likely already finished reactivating the lasers earlier in the story.

From there, aim about 90 degrees from the house. Use the screenshot below to get an exact direction.

What you’re looking for is an anthill. Perhaps you already tried heading down there, and if so, maybe you were already attacked by a swarm of ants in the darkness.

If you’re having trouble locating the anthill, we’ve marked it with a trail marker in the above screenshot, or you can see its location in the below image as well. It’s identified by where we’ve left the yellow cursor with the orange circle surrounding it.

To best prepare for what lies within the anthill, make sure you have each of the following:

  • a good one-handed weapon
  • several torches (4+)
  • armor equipped

It’s worth noting that all three pieces of the Bee Armor are skeleton pieces. The Rotten Bee Face Mask is a skull. The Rotten Bee Shin Guards is a boney set of legs. And the Rotten Bee Shoulder Pads are boney hands. 

Once you have all those items, head for the anthill. Remember that you can practice running this route in creative mode so that no insects will come for you. This way, you won’t get lost in the labyrinthine anthill and you’ll know just where to go. 

As you’re dual-wielding the torch and weapon, enter the anthill and stay to the right at every fork you can. Eventually, you will come to a room holding the first of three bee armor pieces, shown below on a ledge. It will be the Rotten Bee Face Mask. 

Next, turn around and fork off to the right again until you come to a room with a hole in the floor. Be careful not to step in it yet. Instead go around it to the back wall to find the second armor piece, again shown here on the map. It will be the Rotten Bee Shin Guards. 

Now that you have two pieces, you can safely descend that hole behind you. Once you get down in the hole, you’ll find the third armor piece close by in that very room, along with another BURG-L Chip. This will be the Rotten Bee Shoulder Pads. 

From here, follow the path available to you as it ascends upward back through the anthill. Eventually, you’ll make like Ponyboy Curtis and step out into the bright sunlight, bee armor in tow.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Bee Armor in Grounded. For more tips and guides, be sure to head over to our Grounded guides page

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