A step by step walkthrough guide to max out every item in Grow Jungle and get the ending.

Grow Jungle solution walkthrough guide (with pics)

A step by step walkthrough guide to max out every item in Grow Jungle and get the ending.
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Grow Jungle is a simple game. Figure out the order you’re supposed to place items to get them all to max level and see the final result. Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much. There are a ton of combinations and a lot of false leads that lead to dead ends and little satisfaction.

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Like EYEMAZE’s other puzzle games Grow Jungle takes a logical approach to figure out the right order of items. Some combinations you’ll find your items go down to level 0 while others you’ll have a mix of item levels. Figuring out the exact combination can be quite the task if you’re not thinking about the puzzle logically.

This guide will lay out each step you should take to max out each item and get the puzzle solution, which gives a special ending using the components the game has given you. Grow Jungle‘s order is a little easier to figure out than some of the other Grow games.

Links to images of each step are included in case you’re curious, including a link to the final result in the last step. Though the end result of Grow Jungle may not be something you expect! I certainly didn’t, both the first time I played it over 10 years ago and this time.

Item 1. Cone block

Nothing much happens this turn. You put the cone down and move onto the second item. This is what this step looks like.

Item 2. Square block

When you put the square down the cone suddenly comes to life as some sort of walking squid creature. If you’ve given the game a few tries before you know the squid creature can be destructive. This is what this step looks like.

Item 3. Paper

When you put down the paper, two things happen. The square block transforms into a bouncing cube creature and the top of the squid creature transforms into a sort of drill. This is the last boring turn before things get really weird. This is what this step looks like.

Item 4. Cylinder block

This is a bustling turn! The paper transforms into a flying paper airplane while the cube creature grows in size (gaining ears and teeth). The cylinder immediately gets split in half by the squid, which is exactly what’s supposed to happen. This is what this step looks like.

Item 5. Hole

The cube creature spits out some babies and the paper airplane transforms yet again this turn. The broken pillar pieces grow legs and stand at attention! What could happen next turn? You’re about to find out when you place the next item, but here’s what you should be looking at if you’ve followed the directions so far.

Item 6. Ball

The ball seems destined to be grabbed and put in the hole in almost any combination, doesn’t it? The rest of what happens this turn is up to you to find out! Each of the pieces come together to create the final product and it may not be what you expect.

I don’t recommend just cheating and finding out what the ending is, but if you’re really curious (despite reading this whole guide), here’s an image of Grow Jungle‘s final result.

And with that, our walkthrough of EYEMAZE’s Grow Jungle is complete! Hopefully you gave the game a few tries before you checked out this guide so you can be properly surprised by the ending.

This is one of many Grow games from the developer, and if you like one you’ll probably like them all. If you’re stuck on Grow Cube or Grow Park check out my Grow Cube walkthrough and Grow Park guide with combinations to unlock all characters. The games are fun, but everyone needs help sometimes.

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