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GTA Online: Best FiveM Servers

Do you like to roleplay in Grand Theft Auto? These are the best FiveM roleplay servers in GTA Online.

Choosing the best FiveM servers for GTA Online can be a task. 5M is a free modification for GTAO that lets you create your own roleplay servers. Created in 2015, it currently hosts over 500 public servers. With so many to sift through, knowing where to start can be daunting.

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Best FiveM Servers in GTA Online

These are the best FiveM servers for GTA Online at a glance:

  • HighLife Roleplay
  • CityLife Roleplay Purple
  • Evergreen RP
  • Summit RP V2
  • LifeCore Roleplay
  • Novus Roleplay
  • 180 DayZ to Live
  • CollectiveRP
  • FableRP
  • BayCity Roleplay

To help you pinpoint the best FiveM servers for GTA Online, I’ve done all the footwork. I’ve researched — and played on — the very best servers available. I delve into them in more detail below.

Note: to join a FiveM server, you must first become a member of the server’s Discord channel. You must also have access to a microphone for live communication with server admins and other players.

HighLife Roleplay

HighLife RP is legendary, and probably the best FiveM server for GTA Online there is. It’s been public for over five years now and has established itself as roleplaying mecca, boasting over 400,000 users. Not only can you be anyone or anything you want, HighLife has the finest anti-cheat systems and more balanced gameplay, courtesy of the admins.

CityLife Roleplay Purple

This FiveM server comes from the famous international GTA community, “Purple Roleplay.” CityLife is the first server by the community of this kind that involves a full custom framework, custom audio occlusion, and hundreds of custom 3D assets, making it an easy addition to this list. This roleplay server focuses not only on heists, gangs, and active police work but also on various custom scripts. I was especially impressed with the multi-character feature, which allows you to follow a number of different scenarios within a single game.

Evergreen RP

Evergreen is a new, fast-growing FiveM server for GTA Online that offers three job types: government, legal business, and crime. I liked this server mostly for its super-welcoming community, which is open to all sorts of proposals. That’s also why it’s growing so fast, not only in terms of members but also in terms of the various activities it offers. However, know that you must first enter the “Whitelist” via the server’s Discord channel before joining.

Summit RP V2

I recommend this FiveM server to all GTA Online players tired of the endless grind and just want to start doing large-scale business from the very start. Summit RP V2’s Player-Owned Businesses feature allows all server members to take loans to kickstart their businesses. This opens up huge opportunities with some amazing, customizable individual-based features.

LifeCore Roleplay

If you’re getting bored with Los Santos, then hop on this FiveM server and immerse yourself in the Fresh City, designed by the dedicated team at LifeCore. The admins add and update new challenges daily to bring you the most exhilarating gameplay experience in GTA Online. Fans of the real-life economy will especially enjoy the intricacies of this server’s financial system, which has a direct impact on the game’s world events.

Novus Roleplay

Another great alternative to LifeCore is the Novus server, which also offers a completely remodeled GTA Online environment, creating a brand-new State of New Malverne, which includes El Reno, Prescott Lake, and Alpine Beach locations. I was thrilled to learn that Novus offers character alignment system, incorporating nine unique life paths that allow you to engage in many other stories along the way.

180 DayZ to Live

Is anyone surprised that GTA Online could be easily adapted into a zombie apocalypse survival game? That’s the case with the 180 DayZ to Live server, which makes my best FiveM servers list because it puts players into the San Andreas wasteland filled with ravenous zombies. It’s also very hardcore and has some serious PvP going on. The server has a set number of features involving a seasonal approach, including cash prizes, a custom crew system, leaderboards, and a questing system with traders.


Customization and creativity stand at the heart of the CollectiveRP server. Here, you can focus on creating your own vehicles and weapons, as well as clothes and other items. This would be a great place to start for those who don’t care much about the economy of the game, which the server’s team designed to be as simple as possible. CollectiveRP is a friendly and accepting environment for all without much hassle.


FableRP, or Fable City, is a FiveM server that tries to stay away from the typical crime scenarios that so many servers strive for. Instead, the team of admins offers many other cool roleplay possibilities, which you can take just as seriously. You can become a park ranger, a car mechanic, a real estate manager, or any other type of businessperson — and none of it requires you to get involved in any illegal activities. Well, if you don’t want to.

BayCity Roleplay

Do you like races and drifts in GTA Online? How about 800+ exclusive new racing vehicles? You’ll find all that and more in this incredible FiveM server that offers some truly unique features. There are all the typical GTA Online activities here, but you can go beyond that and find some truly never-before-seen scenarios for those that like to live fast and furious.

Those are the best FiveM servers in GTA Online. Stay tuned for more GTA Online tips and tricks articles right here.

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