GTA Online: How to Unlock Survival Mode

Here's how to unlock Survivals in GTA Online, and what you can do if they're greyed out in the Jobs menu.

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Survival Mode is just one of many activities you can unlock and have fun with in Grand Theft Auto Online. While some of the game’s activity unlocks are pretty obvious, the road to unlock Survivals is more obscure. There’s a rank requirement to fulfill first and foremost, and then a couple of missions to take care of before it’s entirely available.

There are 30 missions you can take on in Survival Mode, and they can be done with up to four players. Survivals are wave-based enemy-clearing missions, with later waves ramping up to include enemies in vehicles. It also features an endless mode if you really want to test your limits. You need to unlock Survival Mode to try your hand at these challenges, so let’s get into how to do just that.

How to Unlock Survivals in GTAO

Fittingly, Trevor is your gateway to unlocking Survival Mode in GTA Online. The steps to Survivals are as follows:

  • Be Rank 15.
  • Complete the Meth’d Up mission from Gerald.
  • Take the call from Ron after Meth’d Up, which should trigger Trevor spawning on the map for you to seek out (look for an R or T icon on your map).
  • Head to Trevor and take on his mission, which is essentially a preview of the mode.

Trevor himself has a total of nine missions and a separate heist to complete, but they have nothing to do with Survival Mode past the initial unlock. After you’ve done all of the above, you can finally take part in the actual mode. Like many other activities, there’s only one icon on the map to initiate Survival Mode. This one happens to look like a shield.

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You can head on over to join a Survival mission from the map. After you do this (it doesn’t have to be completed), Survivals should no longer be greyed out in the Jobs listing in the Online menu.

What to do if Survivals is Still Greyed Out in Your Menu

The list of reasons Survivals may still be greyed out on your menu is long, and it’s not easy to pinpoint since progression in GTA Online isn’t linear.

  • You may have to wait a while for a call from Ron after Meth’d Up.
  • It’s also possible you’ll need to join someone’s Survival mission to really get them to open.
  • You may have to start one from the map location highlighted above, if it’s available, to unlock Survivals in the menu.

One of these options may unlock Survivals in the Jobs portion of the Online menu, which is ideal since, in theory, it should be the easiest way to get to them. That’s all the advice we can give on this topic, but we’ve got lots more help in our GTA 5 Online guides hub.

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