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GTA Online Happy Holidays Hauler Route Detailed

Here's where to find the Happy Holidays Hauler in GTA Online this winter.

There’s lots to look for in this year’s winter event in Grand Theft Auto Online. One of those is the Hauler, schlepping around all kinds of goodies you’ll want. Finding them, though, depends on luck. Here’s how to find the Happy Holidays Hauler route in GTA 5 Online.

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Where to Find the Happy Holidays Hauler in GTA 5 Online During the 2023 Winter Event

Luckily for us, the Happy Holidays Hauler has a set route across the roads of Los Santos. Unluckily for us, the route is very long. If you hop on the route looking for it at the wrong time, you may end up on the opposite end of its trajectory.

GTA Online Happy Holidays Hauler Route 2023

As you can see from the map below, the route this year’s Holiday Hauler takes is very long. For the most part, it goes around the outskirts of the entire map north of the city.

You might get a little lucky and find it within the city limits, but most of the GTA 5 Happy Holidays Hauler route is up and down the highway on the outskirts. I love spacing out and driving on the highway in my Torero XO, but I don’t love the idea of doing it for loot.

A map following the Happy Holidays Hauler Route in GTA 5 Online 2023
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Hopefully you meet the hauler on its route. If you’re dead set on finding it, I don’t recommend driving in one direction and then turning around. You really have no idea where it might be at a given time, so it’s best to just keep going straight. With a good car, you’ll eventually outpace and find the Happy Holidays Hauler as long as you stick to its route.

GTA 5 Online Happy Holidays Hauler Rewards

Your rewards for finding the Happy Holidays Hauler this season aren’t too different from finding G’s Cache or storming a Stash House. You can get ammo, snacks, and money. There are unique cosmetic rewards, though.

When you come up on the Happy Holidays Hauler in GTA Online, it will start dropping goodies behind it for you to pick up. Some of them are the standards mentioned above, but there are also two unique Christmas cosmetics to be had if you can find this truck: the Ugly Sprunk Festive Sweater and the Ugly eCola Festive Sweater. I can’t resist a good ugly sweater, so it’s time to find this thing and try to not terrorize the driver. Maybe.

Good luck finding the Happy Holidays Hauler location during this year’s GTA Online winter event. There’s a lot more to find in Grand Theft Auto 5 over the next couple weeks. Check out our GTA Online snowman locations guide, and our other GTA 5 Online guides here on GameSkinny.

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