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GTA Online Transaction Pending: What Does It Mean?

GTA Online has an annoying problem with the online transaction pending notification. Here's how to fix it.

At more than 10 years old now, GTA Online not only stands as one of Rockstar Games’ biggest accomplishments but generally one of its best-performing games. Considering its age, it continues to run well. However, there are some struggles on occasion. One of those is an annoying notification that can pop up from time to time when you’re buying things. Here’s what the online transaction pending notification means in GTA Online.

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What Does Online Transaction Pending Mean in GTA Online?

As mentioned above, the GTA Online transaction pending error appears when you purchase an upgrade or an item. You might see a notification pop up sometimes (though not all the time), and it might seem like an issue with the game itself. However, it’s more so on the internet and cloud side of things. In fact, GTA Online and your internet are stuck in limbo. So is there a fix for it?

GTA Online: How to Fix Online Transaction Pending

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The fix for the online transaction pending error is relatively simple. There are two different things you can try.

  • First, exit the game. Then, change the game to offline mode. While you’re offline, do something to gain money, whether it be stealing money, selling a car, or something else. Then, go back online and try to purchase something. This time, the purchase should go through.
  • Another option is to cancel your transaction and leave the game. Launch it again in online mode, and you should either see the cash in your account or that the purchase goes through. There’s a worry this issue will cause you to lose your save data, but it should be fine when you sign back in.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to verify your game files. At the very least, this should put the cash back in your account. If you’ve lost your money and you don’t have what you purchased, contact GTA Online support, as something has gone very long, and they are the only ones to give you the fix.

That’s what the online transaction pending message means in GTA Online. The game has endless content to explore, and it can be a real pain when that content gets locked up and squirreled away. If this guide helped, check out the rest of our GTA Online guides.

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