Crack open a safe in each of the 25 possible stash houses in GTA Online for some good loot with the help of this guide.

GTA Online: Where to Find All 25 Stash Houses

Crack open a safe in each of the 25 possible stash houses in GTA Online for some good loot with the help of this guide.

One of the most challenging new dailies in GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars update is the Stash Houses. One such house appears once a day in a random spot on the map for a total of 25 possible locations. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to find all 25 Stash House locations in GTA Online, and how to complete these dailies.

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Where to Find All 25 Stash Houses in GTA Online

Stash houses appear on the map at the same time as the Gun Van at 7:00 UTC. Once the time has come you need to do the following:

  1. Enter the “Free Mode” in multiplayer.
  2. Open your world map.
  3. Look out for a purple house marker on the map.
  4. Travel to the marked location.

Once you arrive at the Stash House, you will need to interact with the corona at the entrance in order to start the following sequence of events:

  1. Defeat the five members of the gang that owns the Stash House.
  2. Open your map and locate the green marker inside the house.
  3. This marker will bring you to a safe that spawns at a random spot.
  4. Find a yellow note with the password in the same room.
  5. Open the safe and take the loot.
  6. Leave the Stash House and the area.

Some gang members will try to chase you, but once you leave the area, they will let go. The loot from the safe contains random amounts of the following rewards:

  • Random Business Resupplies.
  • Reputation Points.
  • Cash.

Here are all 25 potential locations of the Stash Houses in GTA Online:

  • Paleto Bay: On the intersection of Paleto Boulevard and Pyrite Avenue.
  • Chiliad Mountain: In the north of the State Wilderness headquarters.
  • Grapeseed: On the intersection of Union Road and O’Neil Way.
  • San Chianski Mountain Range: On the intersection of Union Road and Senora Freeway.
  • Alamo Sea: At the pier of the Galilee area.
  • Sandy Shores: Between Niland Avenue and Amadillo Avenue.
  • Grand Senora Desert: South of Marine Drive.
  • Grand Senora Desert: East of Cat-Claw Avenue.
  • Zancudo River: Between Mount Vinewood Drive and Fort Zancudo Approach Road.
  • Harmony: Between Senora Road and Route 68.
  • Grand Senora Desert: Between Senora Freeway and Baytree Canyon Road.
  • Great Chaparral: East of Baytree Canyon Road.
  • Chumash: Between Barbareno Road and Great Ocean Highway.
  • Richman: On the intersection of Dorset Drive and West Eclipse Boulevard.
  • Vespucci: Between Cortes Street and Vitus Street.
  • Rockford Hills: Between Strangeways Drive and Milton Road.
  • Little Seoul: In the center of Vespucci Boulevard.
  • La Puerta: Between Arsenal Street and Mutiny Road.
  • Downtown Vinewood: Between Las Lagunas Boulevard and Alta Street.
  • Alta: Between Alta Street and Power Street.
  • Strawberry: Between Olympic Freeway and Crusade Road.
  • Banning: Between dutch London Street and Signal Street.
  • Mirror Park: North of Nikola Avenue.
  • Murrieta Heights: South of Vespucci Boulevard.
  • Cypress Flats: Between Innocence Boulevard and Orchardvile Avenue.

Those are all Stash House locations in GTA Online. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at our other GTA Online tips and tricks articles.

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