Guardians of the Galaxy has a wealth of different costumes to dress up characters with, so here's how to get them all.

Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Unlock All Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy has a wealth of different costumes to dress up characters with, so here's how to get them all.

Just like with any Marvel game, Guardians of the Galaxy has a wealth of different costumes you can use to dress up Star-Lord and the rest of the squad.

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Each character has their own selection of costumes, most of which are found by exploring the environment. With that in mind, we’ll walk you through how to find each and every costume in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Pre-Order Outfits

Guardians of the Galaxy does have outfits as a pre-order bonus, however, all of the outfits can also be unlocked by finding them in-game. If you pre-ordered the game you’ll have the following outfits instantly unlocked. 

  • Star-Lord — Team Lord
  • Rocket — The Stinger
  • Groot — The Impaler
  • Gamora — Black Vortex
  • Drax — Thanos Imperative

Additionally, if you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe version of the game then you’ll also unlock the following two outfits. 

  • Star-Lord — Sun Lord
  • Star-Lord — City Lord
Outfits Unlocked Automatically 

When you reach Chapter 14 you’ll automatically unlock the Gold Guardians suit for all five party members, and they’ll instantly be selectable. These are as follows. 

  • Star-Lord — Gold-Lord
  • Rocket — Golden Guardians
  • Groot — Golden Guardians
  • Gamora — Golden Guardians
  • Drax — Golden Guardians

You’ll also unlock a selection of outfits for Star-Lord when you complete the game the first time if you haven’t obtained them through other means like pre-order bonuses. Here are the five you unlock.

  • Star-Lord — Sun Lord
  • Star-Lord — City Lord
  • Star-Lord — Sleek Lord
  • Star-Lord — Space Lord
  • Star-Lord — Social Lord 
Chapter 1

Rocket – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Once you slide down and meet Rocket and Groot for the first time, head right and go into the dead-end Rocket tells you about. There’s an opening on your left which is where you’ll find the chest. 

Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

After the cutscene where the team finds the Mind Stone look in the right corner of the room to find a wall made out of pink resin. There’s a hold you can crawl through to find the chest and outfit.  

Chapter 2

Star-Lord – Nova Lord

Right after you get the choice to “Encourage Her” or “Take Control” when following Nikki, look to the left and you’ll see some big yellow pipes. Head around to the side of the pipes and then under to find the Nova Lord outfit. 

Chapter 3

Gamora – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

While exploring the jungles eventually the team will come to stop and wait for Peter. Find Rocket, and to his right, there’s a path that leads to a cave. Fight the two enemies inside, then find the small hole and go through into a room that has the chest. 

Groot – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Once you defeat the two monsters and obtain the cage, the team will head toward a gap that Groot needs to make a bridge over. Head over the bridge then find a narrow path to the left. Follow it and you’ll hit a spot where you need to freeze a geyser. The chest will be on top of a cliff at the end of the path. 

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 has only two costumes, but they’ll be in different places depending on whether you decide to sell Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender. 

Sell Groot Route

Rocket – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Right after selling Groot you’ll need to sneak through halls while enemy soldiers sleep. Once you reach a lift head up, but instead of following your party left go to the right and jump over a table to find the chest. 

Drax – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Once you reach Lady Hellbender’s throne room head directly behind the thone and cross to the other side of the room to find the chest. 

Sell Rocket Route

Rocket – Five Horsemen

This one is incredibly easy to find, just go through the level until the team escapes through the sewers. Once you reach a fork the team will head right, so you need to head left and find the chest.

Drax – Guardians (2014)

Follow the level until you escape the throne room and get to the giant fans. Head to the left of the fan by shooting the boxes blocking the way. As you go forward your party will start going to the left, but when you have an option go forward and hop over the platforms to get the chest.

Chapter 5

Drax – Nova Corps

As you start chapter five you’ll need to hack some doors to get into the Nova Corps base, which requires Peter to reroute power. Instead of routing power to the main doors, look for the little doors on the left side of the room that lead to the bathroom. Route power to that door and you’ll find the chest inside. 

Groot – Nova Corps

After the scene where Star-Lord uses the Nova Corps helmet, you’ll battle some enemies and eventually come to a hallway illuminated by orange light. Before following you party to the left, head to the end of the hallway and find the chest behind a forklift. 

Chapter 6

Star-Lord – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

In Knowhere follow the main path forward until you run into a group of three green children playing finger guns. Star-Lord can actually interact with them, but to find the costume you need to jump over the railing behind them and head to the left over the pipes. 

Chapter 7

Rocket – Nova Corps

Back aboard the Nova Corps ship, you’ll eventually come to a large circular elevator room with a generator in the middle. After you raise the elevator the first time you’ll have to reroute power in two different side rooms. The room on the left has a platform Groot can raise, so do so and jump off on the higher ledge. Look for a vent you can crawl through, which will lead to yet another smaller room with the chest at the top and a power node you can use to get back. 

Gamora – Nova Corps

As you head toward Nikki’s hiding spot you’ll head down a staircase that’s flooded with electrified water at the botoom. You can use Star-Lord’s lighting shot on the switch to take away the lightning. Then look for a section of pipes you can command Gamora to break, and head through to find the chest.

Chapter 8

Star-Lord – Bad Lord

Follow the story until Drax jumps down into the red fuel liquid, then jump down yourself and slide into the next room. Go right at the fork and once through the archway look for a crate Drax can lift to the left. Put the crate right in front of the entrance, then jump up and get the chest. 

Drax – Cage Match

Again just follow the story until you get to the sequence where the Guardians steal a series of moving platforms. Once you finally land on a circular walkway, head to the far end and find the chest. 

Chapter 10

Gamora – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Shortly after Mantis joins you, there’ll be a small river you need to cross with a waterfall on the right side. This time it’s the age-old chest behind the waterfall. 

Groot – Annihilation Conquest Suit

Partway through the level you’ll fall into a pitch-black cave, where Groot will use his power to light things up. Follow the path forward, but keep an eye out on the right side as you get close to the exit. Eventually, you should see a crack lit up with the purple glow of a chest, so head through and get it. 

Chapter 12

Drax – Thanos Imperative

When you land on Knowhere you’ll immediately be ambushed by enemies. After defeating them look for a large yellow crate that Drax can move; it’ll be tucked under a loader. Have him pull it out then jump up on top for the chest.

Rocket – The Smuggler

Once you hit the marketplace defeat the enemies, then simply follow the main path until Rocket himself is standing in front of a green door. Use Star-Lord’s wind shot to pull it out and the chest will be right there.

Groot – Impaler

As you follow the story you’ll reach an area filled with yellow faith cubes, and wires Gamora needs to cut. Follow the path and eventually, you’ll hit a wall that Drax has to move. Instead of doing that look to the left and use wind shot on a green panel. Have Groot build a bridge and cross, then expect a series of little puzzles. At the malfunctioning door shoot the panel and use electricity shot, then in the next room have Rocket head through the hole to turn off the electricity on the floor. Look behind the palets in the room for the chest. 

Gamora – Casual Kill

Keep going until the battle across rooftops, then have Drax smash a hole in the ground and slide down. Once you land, instead of going forward turn around and crawl through the hole for the chest. 

Star-Lord – Apocalypse Lord

After you find Cosmo you’ll gith enemies in an area covered by white brain matter, with a hole in the middle. Once defeated, have Drax lift the box over to the platform on the left. Head up and look for a wall Gamora can stick to, then grapple up to the platform above her for the chest. 

Chapter 13

Gamora – Black Vortex

Now on Maklu IV, defeat the first two enemies, look to the right of the wall Gamora can cut for a wall she can grapple to. Head up and follow the cliff to the chest.

Groot – Five O Clock Sprouts

After the first battle with worms, follow the path until the team sidles along an edge and enters a cave. Look immediately to your right and find the chest.

Star-Lord – War-Lord

Continue until you unlock the fire shot ability, then go until the game makes you drop a piece of ice on a giant skeleton. Head across the gap then look up and to the left for even more ice to melt, which drops a platform Groot can lift to the chest. 

Rocket – The Stinger

Eventually, you’ll hit an area filled with poisonous plants that can be destroyed with the fire shot. Destroy the plants until you find the chest in the middle of the area.

Drax – Katathian Monk

Head through the burning village and slide down the ice tunnel. Look to the left and you’ll see cliffs with the poison plants. Destroy the plants and climb up to the chest.

Chapter 14

Star-Lord – Team-Lord

As you follow the path in Sacrosanct you’ll eventually hit a room with a massive fan that can blow you away. Use the wind-shot to pull up barriers that block the wind. Go about halfway down the path until you see an alcove with a giant yellow crate. Jump up on the crate, then go the higher platforms and use the wind shot to protect you as you get to the chest. 

Drax – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

At some point you’ll be outside the ship in an area with massive turrets. Continue on until you reach a Groot bridge, but instead look to the right and find an ice wall you can melt with the fire shot. Go through and keep going up until you reach the chest. 

Gamora – Chosen Daughter

Proceed until you have to defeat waves of enemies while Rocket hacks a turret. After the battle destroy the ice wall with your fire shot. Head through and you’ll find the chest behind one of the crates on the right. 

That does it for finding all costumes in Guardians of the Galaxy. If you need any more help, make sure to check out our Guardians of the Galaxy guide hub

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