Guardians of the Galaxy: Lady Hellbender’s Throneroom Puzzle Guide

Lady Hellbender's Throne Room puzzle is early on in Guardians of the Galaxy, but it takes a little bit of work to solve, so here's the solution.

Lady Hellbender's Throne Room in Guardians of the Galaxy holds a real braintickler of a puzzle, once you finally make your way back to get your companion back.

In this guide we'll go over how to complete the puzzle in Lady Hellbender's Throne Room so you can reclaim your companion and keep on your way.

Activating the Throne Room Puzzle

Before you can actually solve the puzzle you'll need to activate it, so turn on your visor and look around the room.

Head behind the throne and examine the boulder to the right side, then examine the pile of rubble leaning against the throne.

After this you'll be reminded that Drax can lift heavy objects, so look at the boulder and press L1+circle to command Drax to throw the boulder. This will clear the rubble and open a tunnel that you can then command Rocket to go into, activating the switch puzzle.

Switch Puzzle Solution

With the puzzle activated you need to be careful where you direct the energy as if it goes to the wrong place you'll open a door and enemies will rush in. Essentially you need to switch the nodes so the yellow current flows around the room and back to the throne. 

Start with the closest node under the throne and press triangle to switch it.

Before you switch the next node, head to the third one and switch it so the stream heads the right way, then head back and do the second one.

Now follow the line and switch the fourth and fifth nodes. After that, facing forward, activate the left node to route power to the first half of the elevator, then hit the node on the right.

Follow the line to the next two nodes and switch them, but wait before doing the third. Again you need to move the switch ahead, in order to make sure the door doesn't open. Do that, then head back and switch the previous node. 

One more time you'll need to skip the next node, go to the switch, and change it to the right direction. Once you've done that, activate the final node and the way forward will open. All you have to do at this point is jump up on the throne and hit the button.

Now that you've solved Lady Hellbender's Throne Room puzzle, you're good to continue your adventure in Guardians of the Galaxy. For even more guides, make sure to check out our dedicated hub

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Published Oct. 29th 2021

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