Guardians of the Galaxy: Stuck in the Mist Cave on Lamentis Guide

Stuck in the Mist Cave on Lamentis in Guardians of the Galaxy? Here's how to get out and end the loop.

Guardians of the Galaxy is filled with a variety of weird and wonderful alien planets, each of which poses a unique challenge. Near the game's midpoint, you'll find yourself traveling through a mysterious mist cave on the surface of Lamentis. And you may find yourself stuck. So how to you get out of the mist cave? 

Most of the mist cave section on Lamentis is pretty straightforward, but an area near the end requires you to make a specific choice in order to finally get out. 

How to Get Out of the Lamentis Mist Cave in Guardians of the Galaxy

Ending the Loop in the Lamentis Mist Cave

As you make your way through the mist cave, you'll eventually come to a section where you face waves of enemies, with Star-Lord having to decide what type of enemies the party will face. This section will actually go on forever unless you make the right choice. 

After the third round of enemies, you need don't make any choice. Each time you enter a new room, the choice icon will pop up in the middle of the screen, allowing you to press one of the triggers to make a choice, or a face button to remain silent.

Don't press any of the buttons at all, and just let the timer run out. Doing so will make the mist disappear, and you'll be able to carry on with your adventure. Technically, you might be able to press a face button to stay quiet; however, in our playthrough, this caused the game to bug out with no way forward, making us reload the last save.

Because of that, your best bet is to simply not press anything

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And that's how you escape the Mist Cave on Lamentis if you get stuck. Now that you know how to break the loop, you'll be able to get back saving the galaxy. While you're here, check out the links above or head over to our Guardians of the Galaxy guide hub for even more tips and walkthroughs. 


Published Oct. 27th 2021

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