Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Get Components

Components are the main resource used to upgrade Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, so here's what you need to know about finding them.

Components and Advance Components in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy are used to purchase perks at a Workbench, and as such getting Components is a big important part of progression.

Luckily getting Components isn't too difficult, but there are some tricks to keep in mind if you want to get each one Guardians of the Galaxy has to offer.

How to Find Components Easily in Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord and Rocket in front of a workbench.

The only way to get Components in Guardians of the Galaxy is by finding them scattered around the environment. Components look like little batteries on the ground, and you can pick them up with the triangle button. Advanced Components, on the other hand, look like little metal spheres. 

While a lot of Components can be found by default, you'll need to explore off the beaten path in order to really find a good amount. Make sure you explore alternate pathways, look for high-up ledges, look behind items and boxes, etc. 

Past that, however, there's an even easier way of finding Components, and that's by investing in the "Components Localizer" Perk. This should absolutely be one of the first Perks you invest in, if not the very first one.

Once you've unlocked it you'll see an icon pop up in the top right corner of your screen whenever Components are nearby. You can also activate your visor by pressing L3 (or equivalent), and icons showing the exact location of Components will appear if you're close enough.

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Needless to say, the perk vastly expedites the process and makes everything so much easier, so invest in it early on in your adventure. That's everything you need to know about how to get Components in Guardians of the Galaxy. Make sure to check back for even more Guardians of the Galaxy guides.


Published Oct. 27th 2021

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