Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Get a Free Ticket to the Collector’s Emporium

The Collector's Emporium is a fun little Easter Egg area in Guardians of the Galaxy, but it's pricey. Unless you know how to get a free ticket.

Anyone that knows Guardians of the Galaxy, or even Marvel in general, will likely know exactly who The Collector is. While the enigmatic character doesn't play a huge role in the new game, there's a lengthy string of Easter eggs that can be found by visiting The Collector's Emporium on Knowhere. 

Unfortunately, you'll soon find that it's going to cost a whopping 5,000 credits if you want to get in, which puts a big hitch in your plans for paying off that Nova Corp fine. Luckily there's a secret way of getting a free ticket into the emporium in Guardians of the Galaxy if you know what to do. 

Stop at Mantlo's Bar First Thing in Knowhere

Mantlo's Bar.

The first thing you'll need to do is make sure to stop at Montlo's Bar as soon as you see it on Knowhere. Right after the first time you meet Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll see the bar, so head to the window and press triangle to interact with Rocket and Groot.

Make absolutely sure that you go into Mantlo's first and don't step forward onto the stairs, which is when Drax leaves your party. If you go to the stairs first you won't be able to get the free ticket. 

How to Get the Collector's Emporium Free Ticket

Lipless and Star-Lord.

Once you step into the bar a cutscene will play, and soon enough Star-Lord will find himself looking down the barrel of a gun held by Lipless, who claims to be an old friend.

To get the free ticket you need to "salvage Lipless' friendship," which involves making the right choices in the following conversation. There are multiple ways to salvage the friendship, but as long as you make the following three choices you'll be guaranteed to succeed. 

  • Pretend You Remember
  • Like A Hurricane
  • Through The Rain

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Once you make the choices, you'll see a message in the top-right of the screen that you've salvaged Lipless' friendship. At the very end of the conversation, Lipless will give you a ticket to The Collector's Emporium, so you won't need to spend a penny to get inside. For even more guides on Guardians of the Galaxy, make sure to check back.


Published Oct. 27th 2021

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