Guess The Millennium Answers Guide – Levels 6 Through 10

All of the answers for Guess the Millennium levels 6 to 10.

All of the answers for Guess the Millennium levels 6 to 10.

Guess The Millennium may be a little easier than Guess The 90’s and Guess The 80’s, but that doesn’t mean it won’t throw you some curve balls!

Your mettle will be tested if you consider yourself an expert on the pop culture from the 2000s! Your memory will be jogged by famous people and TV shows you forgot existed! It’s great fun.

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This guide covers levels 6 through 10, out of 20 total levels with ten stages each. You can get the answers to the other levels in the links below. Each guide is laid out identical to this one for easy browsing.

Level 6 Answers

 Level 6 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 6-1 Food & Drink Monster Energy
Level 6-2 Movies Mean Girls
Level 6-3 Athlete Derek Jeter
Level 6-4 Movies Avatar
Level 6-5 Athlete Tiger Woods
Level 6-6 Video Games Uncharted
Level 6-7 Character Rachel Berry
Level 6-8 Character Addison Montgomery
Level 6-9 Athlete Lebron James
Level 6-10 TV Shows Lost


Level 7 Answers

 Level 7 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 7-1 Automotives Prius
Level 7-2 Video Games Half Life 2
Level 7-3 Author EL James
Level 7-4 Character Hannah Montana
Level 7-5 TV Shows Lizzie Mcguire
Level 7-6 TV Shows iCarly
Level 7-7 Athlete Peyton Manning
Level 7-8 Electronics Blackberry
Level 7-9 Internet Myspace
Level 7-10 Author Suzanne Collins


Level 8 Answers

 Level 8 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 8-1 Video Games Kingdom Hearts
Level 8-2 Video Games Grant Theft Auto
Level 8-3 Actress Angelina Jolie
Level 8-4 Athlete Lance Armstrong
Level 8-5 Famous People Susan Boyle
Level 8-6 Actor Seth Rogen
Level 8-7 Movies The Notebook
Level 8-8 Actor Cory Monteith
Level 8-9 Character Django
Level 8-10 Music Justin Timberlake


Level 9 Answers

 Level 9 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 9-1 Famous People Rachael Ray
Level 9-2 TV Shows The OC
Level 9-3 Internet Amazon
Level 9-4 Product Sirius
Level 9-5 TV Shows Family Guy
Level 9-6 Food & Drink Smartwater
Level 9-7 TV Shows Dexter
Level 9-8 Actor Orlando Bloom
Level 9-9 Music Video Single Ladies
Level 9-10 TV Shows Even Stevens


Level 10 Answers

 Level 10 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 10-1 Electronics Android
Level 10-2 Video Games Guitar Hero
Level 10-3 Actress Mila Kunis
Level 10-4 Music Justin Bieber
Level 10-5 Actor Channing Tatum
Level 10-6 Actor Michael Cera
Level 10-7 Model Gizele Bundchen
Level 10-8 Movies Inception
Level 10-9 Internet Netflix
Level 10-10 Movies Juno

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