Guild Wars 2 Daily Slay: Ambient Killer

This is how to quickly complete your ambient slayer daily achievement in Guild Wars 2
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There’s something about the daily achievement Ambient Killer that I really like in Guild Wars 2. Maybe my problem stems from bad memories created during Guild Wars 1 (see video above).

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Maybe I love the goal of killing thirty defenseless creatures because I feel like a boss when I one-shot a crab. Maybe I enjoy the quest because I secretly have a built up rage about rabbits from the bunnies that eat my garden. I promise I’m a nice person. I just really like murdering innocent mosquitos with a rifle. I can’t explain why, but it’s my favorite thing to do in the game so I got my indiscriminate slayer achievement very quickly. 

Most people who want to get the Ambient Killer achievement don’t have a hard time getting it. There are ambient creatures everywhere and if you go to the Deathroot Shack in Queensdale’s Godslost Swamp, the Bonerattler Caverns in Harathi Hinterlands, or the Toxal Bog in Brisban Wildlands you’ll find loads of white little guys. Those locations all work, but I have a favorite spot that takes the same amount of time to complete kills. It’s just better if you are on a budget.

My personal favorite ambient slaying-ground is up near Issormir’s Body at the very peak of Hangrammar’s Climb in the west of Wayfarer’s Foothills. There are about fifteen ravens sitting at the top which respawn every couple of seconds. The brilliance of the location is that you don’t have to teleport there since it is so close to town.  I hope this helps. 

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