Guild Wars 2 Daily Slay: Champion Farming

A recent update offered a farm in Frostgorge Sound that will make you rich.
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Apparently you have been able to farm champions in Guild Wars 2’s Frostgorge Sound for almost three weeks, but I only found out about this lootfest today. It seems like a fairly well-kept secret based on forum topics about it. There are seven champions in that Shiverpeak map which people farm in a vaguely counter-clockwise direction. They start and end around the Drakkar Waypoint to the extreme northwest. You’ll have to fight a champion fish, kodan, norn, drake, quaggan, troll, and worm, but you won’t be alone. This farm is partly so effective because there are usually a lot of people doing it. You will be able to kill each champion in seconds and claim their loot ridiculously fast. It’s addicting how much money you can make and how endless it feels.

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Getting Started

There are maps of where each champion is, but if you just go into Frostgorge Sound and look for a commander tag you should not have a problem learning this run. There is typically only one zerg at a time and they are usually kept together be a leader. You’ll need to unlock the waypoints in Frostgate by yourself or with a friend before you get started, but it shouldn’t take too long if you are level 80.  

  1. Be patient. This farm takes five or ten rounds before you start understanding it. The first one you might even lose money. That’s ok. In the end you’ll be richer than Divinity’s nobility.
  2. This moves fast. Really fast. If your computer wasn’t custom built yesterday you are going to have to lower your settings in order to be able to keep up. I don’t mean just one setting either. Lower them all. Seriously.
  3. When you are near Earthshake Basin in the middle of the circuit don’t forget to add your speed buff. You will fall into a chasm and not make a jump if you don’t have swiftness.
  4. Don’t bring a ranger. If you must bring a ranger set it to docile mode. Your pet will aggro everything and you can’t map travel when you are in combat so you end up standing around waiting for your pet instead of killing champions.
  5. Don’t attack the veterans. There are a lot of veterans hanging around and looking enticing, but they don’t drop champion loot and really aren’t worth your time. They just slow down how fast you can port. 
  6. Skip champions when you need to in order to stay ahead. It’s a cutthroat world so once you get the pattern you can hop ahead a champion to make sure you get the subsequent chest. 

I really recommend you try it. Right now. Don’t stop until your inventory is full. It’ll only take a minute.

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