Follow our tips, if you want to quickly defeat all eight bosses in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Boss Guide: How to Beat All Bosses

Follow our tips, if you want to quickly defeat all eight bosses in Halo Infinite.

There are eight major bosses in Halo Infinite that players will need to face in order to complete the main campaign of the game. Each boss can be found in a different location, where players need to use the environment to their advantage.

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This guide will provide you with tips on how to beat all bosses in Halo Infinite, including both offensive and defensive strategies. Note that no boss is easy in Halo Infinite, and all of them require a different approach. But if you follow our tips listed below, you should be able to finish them all pretty quickly.

How to Beat All Bosses in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Boss #1: Tremonius
  • Mission: Foundations

Tremonius is the Banished Warlord of the Brutes race, who uses Jump Pack for high-mobility propulsion, and wields MLRS-2 Hydra rocket launcher and CQS48 Bulldog shotgun.

Offensive Strategy

  • Shoot the jackals first before fighting Tremonius
  • Lure Tremonius into the corners, where he can’t use his Jump Pack
  • Use Pulse Carbine to deal with his shields first
  • Use Sidekick pistol to quickly diminish his health

Defensive Strategy

  • Use corners of the arena to cover up from the attacks
  • Use Grappleshot to avoid his rockets
  • Watch out for his grenades by moving away from them
  • Regenerate your shields as soon as you get injured
Halo Infinite Boss #2: Chak ‘Lok
  • Mission: The Tower

Chak ‘Lok is another Banished Warlord you’ll face, but this one is of the Elites race, who uses Active Camouflage that makes him invisible, and wields Type-1 energy sword and Pulse Carbine weapon.

Offensive Strategy

  • Use Fusion Cores to destroy his shields
  • In order to locate Chak ‘Lok, while he’s cloaked, use Threat Sensors
  • Use any available Battle Rifle to get rid of the rest of his shields
  • Finish him off with Pulse Carbine or Mangler pistol

Defensive Strategy

  • Cover up between the arena barriers and recharge your shields
  • Use Grappleshot once he approaches you with his sword
  • Run around the arena, covering behind the barriers, once he starts shooting
Halo Infinite Boss #3: Bassus
  • Mission: Excavation Site

Bassus is a Banished Warlord of the Brutes race, just like the first boss Tremonius, who wears Chieftain power armor with an energy shield, and wields Type-2 gravity hammer.

Offensive Strategy

  • Use Dynamo Grenades to deplete his power armor
  • Set up Fusion Cores in chains and blow them up in groups for AoE effect
  • Use Shock weapons to finish him off, such as Shock Rifle or Disruptor
  • Aim at his head to break his helmet, it’ll do more damage this way

Defensive Strategy

  • Due to narrow contained spaces all you can do is run away from Bassus, making short pauses for setting up your Fusion Cores and shots
  • Use Grappleshot to avoid being hit by his hammer, or you die instantly regardless of the difficulty you play on
  • Use grenades to startle him, once he threatens to come too close to you with his hammer
Halo Infinite Boss #4: Adjutant Resolution
  • Mission: Spire, The Command Spire

Adjutant Resolution is a sub-monitor of Installation 07 halo, which appears in the form of an armed monitor that carries four Hardlight and Shock weapons in his arms. Fortunately, he uses no shields, which makes this fight a lot easier.

You will encounter this boss twice in two different missions, but the strategy is basically the same in both cases.

Offensive Strategy

  • Use Pulse Carbine or any other weapon of your choice to shoot off four of his arms
  • Once you shoot off one of his arms, he will fall to the ground, so use this opportunity to approach him and shoot his core

Defensive Strategy

  • Use the four pillars around the arena to take cover, while he shoots at you
  • Pay attention to his health, as he will get far more aggressive once he drops below 25% of his health
Halo Infinite Boss #5: Hyperius and Tovarus
  • Mission: Pelican Down

Here is the most challenging boss fight in the game, as this is the dual boss fight, but fortunately, you won’t have to fight both Hyperius and Tovarus at the same time. These are brothers and both are of the Brute race.

Hyperius will appear driving his Brute Chopper and wearing HUNTER-class Mjolnir armor. His main weapon is a gravity hammer. Once he jumps off the Brute Chopper, he’ll be using his Jump Pack device to move around.

Hyperius Offensive Strategy

  • Use Fusion Cores or a Rocket Launcher to destroy his Brute Chopper
  • Deplete his armor, using Pulse Carbine
  • Finish him off with a Battle Rifle

Hyperius Defensive Strategy

  • Move to the western edge of the arena for lots of good cover up places
  • Use Grappleshot to move around avoiding his attacks
  • Use T-PACK for quickly dodging his aggressive hammer attacks

Tovarus wears a similar power armor, but his weapon of choice is Scrap Cannon, a turret that shoots heated metal projectiles. This is a long range weapon, so keep as much distance from him as possible.

Tovarus Offensive Strategy

  • Use Sentinel Beam, a long range energy weapon, to destroy his armor
  • Set up a heavy weapon of your own, such as Skewer, to counter his attacks
  • Use lots of grenades to damage his shields and HP
  • Alternatively, you can use a Sniper Rifle for precise shooting, but you will need to find a good spot for aiming

Tovarus Defensive Strategy

  • Keep distance!
  • Your best friend in this fight is Grappleshot, so use it as much as you can
  • Find a sweet spot somewhere around the ship’s entrance for safe sniping
Halo Infinite Boss #6: Jega
  • Mission: House of Reckoning

Jega ‘Rdomnai is a Banished Blademaster of the Elites race, who uses two energy swords and a cloaking armor

Offensive Strategy

  • Use Threat Sensors to detect his position in the room
  • Destroy his shields with the help of Pulse Carbine
  • Switch to M41 SPNKR rocket launcher to finish him off

Defensive Strategy

  • Descend to the lower floor and stay by the walls at all times
  • Use Fusion Cores as a pre-emptive and warning system
  • Use Grappleshot to quickly switch between the floors, once he gets aggressive
Halo Infinite Boss #7: Escharum
  • Mission: House of Reckoning

Escharum is the Banished War Chief and the final boss of the Brutes race in the game. He wields Diminisher of Hope gravity axe and Scrap Cannon. This boss has no shields of his own, but he uses a protective field in the middle of the fight.

Offensive Strategy

  • Use a Rocket Launcher or grenades to deal as much damage before he turns on a protective energy field
  • Once the energy field is up, use a Sniper Rifle to destroy four power relays that feed his protective shield
  • Fusion Cores will deal the most damage to him, once the shield is down
  • Finish him off with Mangler, aiming precisely at his head

Defensive Strategy

  • The best tool for dodging his gravity axe is the T-PACK
  • Use Grappleshot in the room with the pillars
  • Take advantage of the passages in the center of the arena
Halo Infinite Boss #8: Harbinger
  • Mission: Silent Auditorium

Harbinger, also known as the Endless, is the final boss in Halo Infinite. Before the fight with the Harbinger herself begins, she will deploy a horde of Banished units to kill you, so prepare to fight against multiple enemies at once.

Offensive Strategy

  • The best weapon against the swarm of Banished is Sentinel Beam
  • Continue using Sentinel Beam to deplete Harbinger’s shields
  • Use grenades to deal with the second wave of the Banished
  • Use Fusion Cores to deal with the third wave of Banished
  • Use Ravager’s blade on Harbinger for maximum damage

Defensive Strategy

  • Avoid the attacks of the Banished units, using the Grappleshot between the platforms
  • Use Drop Walls to protect yourself from Harbinger’s orbs
  • Stay away from the Banished with gravity hammer during the third wave of enemies

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