Hand of Fate 2 – How to Riposte

Riposting is one of the trickiest moves in Hand of Fate 2. Here's what you need to know to do it consistently.

Riposting is one of the trickiest moves in Hand of Fate 2. Here's what you need to know to do it consistently.

Defiant Development’s latest game, Hand of Fate 2, has been receiving stellar reviews ever since it came out in November 2017. The game builds upon many mechanics from the first title, Hand of Fate, while also introducing new ones. One of the new mechanics is the riposte, a type of counter attack that some players are finding difficult to execute. Are you having trouble with the riposte? Here’s how to do it in Hand of Fate 2

How to Riposte

To riposte, immediately press the attack button after pressing the block button. It is a 1-2 button press with tight, precise timing.

If the riposte is successful, then the character will perform an attack animation different from its normal animation. Yellow numbers will also appear above the enemy’s head to indicate the increased damage from a successful riposte.

How Not to Riposte

In Hand of Fate 2, riposting isn’t possible in every instance. Below is a list of cases where riposting will not work.

  • Button mashing will cancel a riposte (Executing a successful riposte takes timing)
  • Don’t hold the block button as it will also cancel a riposte
  • You can’t riposte with a heavy weapon
  • You can’t riposte with some weaker daggers against Northerners as their attacks cause the player to stagger too much
  • Not all attacks trigger a riposte as some can only be dodged.

Riposting with a Sword and Shield

Many players are having the most difficulty riposting against Northerners, but riposting against them is the exact same technique as riposting against other enemies. The only major difference is you can’t riposte against them with dueling weapons. Players can riposte against Thieves with dueling weapons.

These tips and the attached videos should help you perfect your riposte in Hand of Fate 2. The move is tricky, but not impossible. It just takes practice to get the timing right. Hopefully, seeing the riposte in action will give you a better idea of how to do it properly.

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