Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Can You Choose Your Wand?

Here's want to know if you want to pick your own wand.

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Your wand in the Potter-verse is almost like your fingerprint, special to you and you alone. The core, wood, and how it’s designed all reflect the wielder’s soul. With being able to get a wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, it begs the question, can you choose your wand? Here’s what we know about wands.

Can You Choose Your Wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

  • You can’t choose your wand at the start of Harry Potter Magic Awakened.
  • Further wands can be unlocked via limited time events and gameplay.

Unlike Hogwarts Legacy, you can’t choose your wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. You also can’t import your wand from your WB Games account into the game. A random wand is assigned to you during the beginning of the game when you first visit Ollivander’s store.

Your first wand obtained at Ollivander’s is considered your starter wand. Through gameplay you’ll be able to earn new wands with different appearances and attributes. These can be obtained through limited time events, or via other undisclosed means (being that the game is brand new).

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If you’re trying to redeem a Wand Reward from the Wand Test like I did, you’ll probably be just as disappointed as me on this one. According to the email sent with redemption code, only southeast Asia is able to claim the Wand Reward. Whether this is only for now and all areas will be able to redeem their rewards later, remains to be seen.

That’s what we currently know about wands in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. As the game continues to add new events and content, more wands are sure to be available. In the meantime, check out our various HPMA guides for help on checking the server status or how to claim your pre-registration rewards.

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