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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Won’t Install Fix Guide

Having issues installing Harry Potter Magic Awakened on your phone? Try these fixes.

If you’re like me, you can’t get Harry Potter Magic Awakened to install on your mobile device. While the game needs over a whopping 2GB+ of space, it seems other issues are keeping players getting the game on their phone. Those could range from incompatibility issues to an unstable internet connection. Here are some obstacles that could get in your way, as well as some potential fixes if you find Magic Awakened won’t install.

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Why Won’t Harry Potter Magic Awakened Install?

There are a couple of different things that can keep Harry Potter Magic Awakened from installing on your phone:

  • Your phone is incompatible: In this case, you won’t even see the game pop up in the Apple Store or on Google Play.
  • Not enough memory on your phone: Before installing, you should receive a notice to delete other apps/free up space in order to install the game if this is the case.
  • Inconsistent WiFi: Your internet connection is unstable or down, causing the installation to cancel.
  • Download over Data turned off: If you’re off WiFi, your mobile device will usually wait to download large files, like Harry Potter Magic Awakened, until a WiFi connection is restored. You can turn on download over data to override this. Just make sure you have enough data.
  • WB Games servers are down/experiencing overload: This can happen on day one of a big game launch, even for mobile games.

Is There a Fix for When Harry Potter Magic Awakened Won’t Install?

There a few different things you can do to try and fix things when Magic Awakened won’t install. However, we can’t guarantee any of the fixes below will work for every player. That depends on the problem, the situation, or if there’s an issue and solution we haven’t yet discovered.

  • Restart your phone/turn it off and on: Just like with a computer or console, restarting your phone could fix the problem. If a restart doesn’t work, trying turning it off completely, then back on.
  • Update your phone’s software: If you haven’t applied the latest software update for your mobile device, outdated software could mean Harry Potter Magic Awakened won’t install.
  • Make more room on your phone: Ensure you have enough space to install the game. Move photos and unnecessary apps to an SD card or uninstall anything you don’t often use to make room.
  • Check your WiFi connection: It may be the absence of a stable internet connection that causes the game not to install. Make sure your internet is working and that you’re connected. You can potentially download over data as a buffer if your WiFi goes out. Only do that if you have data to spare.
  • Check if the WB Games servers are experiencing issues: Head to Harry Potter Magic Awakened’s Twitter account or its subReddit to see if the servers are down for the game.
  • Follow the Apple or Google support steps: These take you through all the basics for your phone and potential technical issues, including not being able to download apps and games.
  • Wait a few hours: If it’s a potential server issue or your phone just doesn’t want to cooperate, wait a few hours before trying again. It’s not ideal, but the issue could remedy itself.
  • Submit a ticket: Submit a ticket to the devs via the Portkey Games Support page.

And that’s why Harry Potter Magic Awakened won’t install, as well as some potential fixes for the problem. Hopefully, one of these solutions worked for you. If it didn’t, here’s how to play the game on PC. And once you do get it installed, here’s how to claim your pre-registration rewards.

Those are all the things you can do to try and get Harry Potter Magic Awakened installed on your phone. For more on the game, check out our guides hub, including how to claim your pre-registration rewards.

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