Harry Potter Quidditch Champions: How to Sign Up for the Limited Playtest

Sad that Hogwarts Legacy didn't have quidditch? Well, now's your time with the Limited Playtest sign ups for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

Sad that Hogwarts Legacy didn't have quidditch? Well, now's your time with the Limited Playtest sign ups for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

If you were wondering why there was no proper Quidditch minigame in Hogwarts Legacy, we’ve finally got the reason: There’s a standalone Quidditch game coming out called Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. While no release date has been announced, there will be playtest sessions soon that you can sign up for now. So how can you get into the beta and play Quidditch Champions?

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Playtest Sign Up Guide

Announced on the Warner Bros Twitter with a short teaser video, the sign-ups for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions limited playtest are now live. The process of signing up for the beta is relatively straightforward

Once the form is complete, you’re all signed up for the playtest and future beta sessions. However, it’s worth noting that filling out the form doesn’t guarantee you’ll be selected for the playtest when it goes live.

From the questions asked — such as how many lifetime hours you’ve logged in certain genres and your motivations for playing games — it appears like the multiplayer game may be gearing up for competitive play. Several titles mentioned have pro circuits, and it looks like WB is being selective of who they give access to at this point. 

When is the Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Playtest? 

The first Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions beta playtest sessions will be held on April 21 and April 22, 2023. It isn’t clear which platforms this will be for. 

What Platforms Will the Playtest Be On? 

Right now, it’s unclear which platforms the Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions playtest will be on. Currently, the game is slated to release on “consoles and PC,” according to WB Games. Since the platforms haven’t yet been announced, we’ll update this guide with more information once we learn it. 

Not much else is on the sign-up website at this time. There is a link to the game’s Discord server, though, and there is an official Quidditch Champions FAQ that provides some more general information on the game. Head to either to find other prospective players, as well as more information on each of the positions. 

That’s all we currently know about Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions and how to sign up for the limited-time playtest. However, more is sure to come very soon. Look for Quidditch Champion guides here on GameSkinny when the time comes.

Featured image via Warner Bros. Games.  

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