Quietus in Harvestella isn't your usual farm game's end-of-season event, and you need to plan accordingly

Harvestella: Quietus and Quietus Dungeon Location

Quietus in Harvestella isn't your usual farm game's end-of-season event, and you need to plan accordingly

Quietus in Harvestella is a season and a place, a unique in-between time of the month that closes off most of your opportunities, but opens another, potentially lucrative one: the Quietus dungeon.

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Unlike most farming games, where some of your crops carry over to the next season and your life continues on as normal, Harvestella works a bit differently. Aside from putting a stop to nearly every activity, it also hides a mysterious new dungeon for you to explore.

How Quietus in Harvestella Works

Quietus is one day in between each season, neither the last day of one season or the first day of the next. All your crops die during Quietus, so bear that in mind when deciding what to plant and when. If you can afford to, it’s always best to plant your recurring crops – tomatoes, for example – as soon as a new season begins, so you’re guaranteed to get the maximum amount of produce for your money. 

Quietus only affects living things outside, so your animals are safe and will come to no harm during the season.

Everyone stays inside during Quietus and refuses to open their doors, which means you can’t complete quests or relationship events until the day of death is over. Seeing as it’s just the one day for every cycle, this interruption to your normal routine isn’t significantly disruptive, especially as quests have no expiration date. 

Since Quietus doesn’t affect you, you’re free to go about wherever you wish, gathering materials, fighting monsters, and spending your time ticking off tasks you might not otherwise have a chance to complete during normal seasons.

Quietus Dungeon Location

Quietus is also a dungeon in Harvestella, accessible via the well on your farm at Bird’s Eye Brae. This dungeon is a multi-layered one with dozens of wells scattered about on each floor. Peer inside to find treasure, monsters, or a way forward. 

At the time of writing, we’ve yet to make it all the way to the button of the Quietus dungeon. You can only enter when Quietus is active, and since you collapse at midnight regardless of where you are, clearing more than 10 or 15 floors of the dungeon is something you can’t really do until a bit later in the game when you have more food and restorative items.

That’s all you need to know about Quietus in Harvestella, but make sure to check out our other Harvestella guides for more tips and tricks!

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