Hawk Eyes Mihawk Guide for One Piece Treasure Cruise

Hawk Eyes Mihawk is soon to be released on One Piece Treasure Cruise for one single day, and here's how to get him for your own crew.

Hawk Eyes Mihawk is soon to be released on One Piece Treasure Cruise for one single day, and here's how to get him for your own crew.

Players will soon be able to add the World’s Greatest Swordsman to their pirate crew in an upcoming one-day-only event!

One Piece Treasure Cruise, the smartphone game based on the manga franchise One Piece, will be hosting a 24-hour event for the one and only Hawk Eyes Dracule Mihawk at the end of the month. With only a week left until May, it’s time to get ready to grab this character.

Good Character Combos to Defeat Hawk Eyes Mihawk

Mihawk is without a doubt one of the coolest characters introduced in the series so far, and in Treasure Cruise, he’s one of the best characters to have. A fully evolved, 5-Star Mihawk has:

  • Base HP of 1,926 (at Lvl. 99, it’s 3,760)
  • Base Attack of 782 (1,285, max)
  • Base Recovery of 5 (15, max)
  • Captain’s Skill increasing the attack of all Slash-type characters by 2.5
  • Special Move reducing the HP of all enemies by 30%
Lion’s Song Zoro and Princess Vivi

One of the easiest ways of completing this event is with the Lion’s Song Zoro and Princess Vivi-combo. This is a very defensive/heal heavy route that definitely gets the job done.

  • Lion Song Zoro reduces the damage taken by 80% when the crew’s HP is completely full.
  • Princess Vivi recovers the crew’s HP at the end of every turn.
  • This combo essentially makes the crew indestructible and ready to fight the Warlord.

This strategy, though, mainly works for the Expert stage (30-stamina). At the Master stage (40-stamina), Mihawk can do 25,000 damage with his Special Move. He uses this Special whenever he’s at 25% or lower HP, so unless you can burst through the last bit of his health, you won’t be ready for his next attacks.

Laboon and Princess Vivi

Another set-up would use Laboon and Princess Vivi, and this one is able to take on Mihawk’s Master stage. Coupled with Vivi’s healing and Laboon’s Captain’s Skill, your crew won’t be defeated as long as you have more than 50% health. (Having 50% or more health is an absolute must; otherwise, Mihawk’s Special will defeat you in one fell swoop.)

Other Crews

Other strategies and crews revolve around Force (STR) characters. Mihawk is a Technical (DEX) character, 2 times weak against STR characters. Using Third Gear LuffyWhitebeard, or some other high attack STR character will make the fight easier, no matter which stage you choose. Golden Pound Usopp is also very useful, since his Special delays every enemies’ attacks for 3 turns. If you need some extra time to recover during the fight, this comes in handy.

How to Defeat Hawk Eyes Mihawk

Breaking down each round of the battle

Now, to get down to the battle itself. The Expert and Master stages are essentially the same. The only difference is that the Expert stage deals out less damage and has some different enemies for you to face.

The first round consists of:

  • Expert (30-stamina) stage: a mob of 3 attackers.
  • Master (40-stamina) stage: a mob of 5 attackers.

The second round:

  • Expert: 3 DEX Big Turtles.
  • Master: 1 DEX Crab and 1 DEX Marine soldier. The soldier will attack you preemptively for about 2,000 damage.

The third round:

  • Expert: 1 Big Turtle.
  • Master: A Marine soldier and a DEX Pirate Penguin. The Marine will preemptively attack for about 2,200 damage.

The fourth round is where things get really tough:

  • Both stages have 5 big hitters of each type that bind whichever crewmate they’re weak to, for 6 turns.
  • In the Master stage, on top of the 5 fighters, there’s a Sea Stallion. This seahorse also binds a random crew member for 6 turns.

Once you get past this round, you finally face off against one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Hawk Eyes Mihawk. His attack pattern is the same regardless of stage. 

Final round:

  • Mihawk attacks you preemptively. In the Expert stage, this attack does 2,000 damage; in the Master stage, it does 4,000.
  • He then attacks once every turn.
  • Once you get him down to the last 25% of his health, he will start using his Special Move, draining you of your own health.
    • In the Expert stage, this does 10,000 damage; in the Master stage, it does 25,000. 

And that’s it! Hopefully this guide helps you and anyone else who wants to prepare to battle Mihawk and add him to your pirate crew. Best of luck!

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