Hay Day Guide: The Working Farm Animals

This guide talks about the different working animals you can get for your farm.

Hay Day farming is a tough job requiring time and patience to complete all the work and keep the farm animals in line. Below we talk about the different working animals you can get for your farm by playing Hay Day.

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There are an assortment of different working farm animals and a few animals just hanging around eating and having fun.

The working animals you keep in handy pens, which you buy using coins as you increase in levels. The non-working animals you buy using vouchers that are available as you go up in levels playing Hay Day.


  • Chickens are red and white
  • Unlock at level 1
  • Feed chickens Chicken Feed made of wheat and corn
  • Kept in Chicken Coop
  • Produces eggs
  • Twenty minutes to produce
  • 1-6 chickens cost 10 coins
  • 7-12 chickens 140 coins
  • 13-18 270 coins
  • Unlock cows at level 5 on Hay Day
  • 1 hour production time
  • Feed using Cow Feed
  • Produces tasty milk you can sell every hour playing Hay Day
  • Keep up to five cows in Cow Pasture
  • Use milk to make cream, butter and cheese to sell
  • Feed cats using milk
  • 1-5 cows costs 300 each
  • 6-10 cows costs 600 each
  • 11-15 cows costs 1150 coins
  • Pigs produce bacon
  • Producing bacon only makes pigs thinner
  • Unlock Hay pigs at level 10
  • Keep up to five pigs in Pig Pen
  • 20 minutes to make Pig Pen
  • Harvest bacon every four hours and sell
  • Use bacon to produce bacon and eggs, hamburgers and bacon pies you can sell
  • Use extra bacon to feed farm dogs
  • Each pig on Hay Day costs 500 coins
  • Produces wool every 8 hours playing Hay Day
  • Use wool and Loom to create finished wool sweaters and hats
  • Unlock sheep at level 16
  • Keep up to five Hay Day sheep in Sheep Pasture
  • Feed sheep Sheep Feed, which takes 30 minutes to make
  • Requires 3x wheat and Soybean to make feed
  • Unlock goats at level 32
  • Keep up to four goats in Goat Yard
  • Produces tasty goat milk you can sell
  • Feed goats using Goat Feed, which takes 40 minutes to make
  • Goat Feed requires wheat, corn and carrots to produce
  • Second Goat Yard available at level 37

The farm animals described above are the working animals on your farm available as you progress through the game. These animals are the production crew on the farm and provide the majority of the goods and products you sell.

In future Hay Day guides, I will provide additional information on the non-working animals you can get for your farm, along with everything a virtual farmer needs to know about their favourite video game.

Good farming!

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