Hay Day Guides: Catching the Big Fish

Use the following fishing guide to help you catch 40 different types of big fish in Hay Day.

Hay Day farmers can start fishing at level 27. Before this can happen, you need to repair the fishing boat. You’ll find it sitting on the shore, but will need to spend 39,000 coins to repair it.

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After three days of waiting, your boat will be ready for fishing.


Head down river to fish
  • Farmers deciding to fish can head downriver to meet Angus. He’ll take you through the basics of fishing. After the tutorial is finished, Angus will provide you with three fishing lures and you can go fishing.

  • Gamers can visit the fishing hut by the river to check your uncle’s old fishing book. In it you’ll find a reward for each new type of fish you catch.

  • Players can create lures they can use to fish with, just by clicking on the Lure Workbench and selecting the type of lure they want to create.

  • After a long day fishing, you can come back to the farm, and create new and exciting products you can sell using the fish you catch.

Catching fish
  • There are several different fishing areas and spots Hay Day farmers can check out. Moving from fishing spot to fishing spot is a good way to catch rarer and more valuable fish.

  • To begin fishing from the boat, just tap and hold the lure, and drag it through the water. Move the bait slowly through the water to attract more fish. Once a fish bites the lure, a circle will appear and start to close. Keep the fish inside the circle by pulling the line in the direction opposite to the fish.

  • Farmers catching fish can collect a reward from the fishing scrapbook.

Opening new fishing spots
  • Opening up new fishing areas is as easy as opening slots on your Hay Day farm. You’ll need to obtain a certain number of land deeds, mallets and market stakes to open up each fishing area. You can determine the exact amount by clicking on unopened fishing areas.

  • The water will be covered by fog, but once you open up a new area it will become visible and you can start fishing.

  • Farmers may need to find expansion items to open up some fishing spots, but can find these necessary items by playing the game. You can also purchase the items using diamonds.

  • Farmers have a number of different fishing areas to explore and open up for fishing. Rocky areas, deep and shallow pools, and even reefs can be found out on the water. Take a look at the images of different Hay Day fishing spots here.

Once you reach 27 level, start fishing all the different spots available. This will provide you with things and bonuses you can use to make playing your favourite video game more fun and challenging.

In a future article, we’ll talk about the 40 different kinds of fish you can catch playing Hay Day, and the different fishing areas you can try.

Good fishing!

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