Hay Day Guides: The Farm Buildings

Hay Day Farm Buildings are five of the most important structures on the farm. This building guide provides you with the information you need to make the most of these structures.

Hay Day farm buildings are permanent structures on your farm that you can build, but can’t move or destroy.

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There are five farm buildings players can build on their property and each adds to the entertainment and challenge of playing this video game. Below we talk about each of the farm buildings in Hay Day.

The Event Board

The Event Board was first added to Hay Day as part of the video game’s first birthday celebration. It lists events (bonuses) lasting a specific time players can take part in to receive bonuses that make playing this video game more fun and challenging.

  • New events sometimes take a while to appear on the board, but the Event Board will change its appearance when it does.
  • Events will occasionally repeat.
  • Read the Event Board carefully
Different Hay Day events
  • The Truck Delivery event provides players with double the number of coins upon completion
  • The River Boat event provides Hay Day farmers with double the number of coins for each crate they finish
  • The Crop in Season event halves the time it takes for carrots to grow to maturity
  • The Visitor event means visitors pay twice the number of coins
  • The Newspaper Ad event provides a 6 minute cooldown period for free newspaper advertisements instead of 30 minutes
The Hay Day Farm House

The two-tiered white house with black roof is the Farm House. Farmers begin the game with this building in place and its only used to check progress towards finishing achievements and your Farm Score. You can start doing this after you reach level 6, by clicking on the Farm House.


Hay Day Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods is a farm building recently added to Hay Day. This structure is a damaged neighborhood building you can repair for 2500 coins once you reach level 29. It takes 24 hours to finish the repairs.  

Once the repairs are finished you can join or create a neighborhood. Then you can talk to your neighbours in real time using the chat feature included with Hay Day.

The Hay Day Roadside Shop

The Roadside Shop is another structure on the farm at the start of the game. Once players reach level 7 they can begin selling goods they produce from this building.

  • Sell crops, animal products and items made in production buildings
  • Not able to sell lures, nets or decorations
  • Advertise items and goods for sale in Hay Day newspaper, Daily Dirt
  • Friends and followers can buy items you don’t advertise in the newspaper
  • Pay 5 diamonds for extra slot in Roadside Shop
The Hay Day Boat Dock

The Boat Dock is unlocked for play at level 17, but you’ll have to pay 16,000 coins to get it ready for business. Once repaired, boats will start docking, and you can begin filling shipping orders. All filled orders provide players with experience points, coins and a shipment voucher.

Use the five Farm Buildings we talk about above properly and you can turn your Hay Day farm into a business other farmers envy. These buildings are some of the most important structures on the farm and you need to understand their function and operation to play this game effectively.

Time to get farming!


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