Hearthstone: Best Grand Tournament Legendaries

Begin your journey into the newest Hearthstone expansion, the Grand Tournament, prepared with the best legendaries released with the patch!

Hearthstone players got a much-needed expansion recently, stirring up interest and reigniting the desire to play the virtual card game. 

The expansion, cleverly titled the Grand Tournament, features over 100 fresh neutral and class-specific cards to enhance the game for players around the world. 

With brand new cards come contemporary strategies, theory crafting, and modern deck lists. None of these are complete, however, without shiny, new legendary cards. Get familiar with some of our favorites here:


Neutral Dragon

Dragon decks are seeing an upswing recently, and Chillmaw may have sealed the deal. This legendary card capitalizes on the popular dragon decks and makes the overpowered play-style even more dominant.

Many dragon cards are now "best in slot" for their mana cost, so having Chillmaw in your deck will only increase your chances of dominating your opponent. 

Nexus-Champion Saraad


In a meta where the Mage Flamewaker deck (and any general tempo deck) is a great option in ranked play, the Nexus Champion Saraad is a fantastic neutral minion legendary to add to your deck. 

There really isn't a way to not get value from this card, especially since it's only 5 mana.

Justicar Trueheart


There's no bad option when it comes to playing Justicar Trueheart, since it's a neutral minion that will buff any class you want to play. 

His battlecry, "replace your starting Hero Power with a better one," will upgrade the hero power of whatever class you're playing. For example, Paladins will summon 2 1/1 Squires instead of 1, Hunters will do 4 damage to the enemy hero, etc. 

Justicar Trueheart is by far one of the best legendaries of the expansion because of the immediate return you see with any class. He's very overpowered in any style deck.



Druid decks haven't fallen out of style in a very long and time, and Aviana will only promote the popular control decks. 

Even though at first glance it seems like a 9 mana cost is way too much, every Druid deck plays Innervate. You'll be able to use Aviana's ability at least once the turn she is played, but paired with Innervate, you'll be able to play 3. At that point, the value has been more than taken advantage of. 

Another card that pairs well with Aviana is Emperor Thaurissan, who makes every card in your hand cost 1 less. 



Rhonin is one of my favorite legendary cards from the entire Grand Tournament expansion ,and is a fantastic edition to every Mage deck played in the current meta. 

Not only will you profit from card advantage alone, but you'll be receiving a (basically) free Avenging Wrath. This means that you'll be turning the late game easily in your favor by dropping Rhonin, because of his beefy stats and the removal that follows.

Confessor Paletress


Confessor Paletress takes any Priest deck and catapults it to the next level, creates massive card advantage, control, and has an "invisible taunt". 

You can already capitalize on the Inspire effect during turn 9 and 10 (and 8 if you still have the Coin). The "invisible taunt" refers to a minion that's played that needs to be taken care of immediately so your opponent shifts his/her focus to kill it before anything else.

With all the buff cards that priests have in their position, including Power Word Shield and Velen's Chosen, it make this card an unstoppable force that could possibly win you the game.

The Mistcaller


Not everyone feels that the Mistcaller is one of the best legendary cards, but a permanent +1/+1 to every minion in your hand and your deck is incredibly hard to pass up.

A permanent buff to your minion pool for only 6 mana is definitely worth playing. While the Mistcaller may not be one of the top legendaries in the game, it definitely makes the list for the best legendaries of the Grand Tournament expansion. 

Varian Wrynn


Even though this legendary costs 10 mana, which means any decks that play it will have to last for 10 turns minimum, the Battlecry effect makes Varian Wrynn one of (if not the best) legendary of the entire Grand Tournament.

It accelerates late game scalability with amazing card advantage and the potential to combo with huge minions like Ysera or Grommash Hellscream.

There you have it. Do you agree with our picks? What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!