Hearthstone Card Backs Guide: A Comprehensive List and How to Unlock Them

A complete guide to every currently available card back in Blizzard's card game, Hearthstone, and the steps to unlock each one.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Once the scrappy, younger brother to trading card games, Blizzard’s Hearthstone is no longer fighting for a spot among the genre leaders.

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With its wild success, many naysayers converted to avid players of the game, contributed mostly to the various features now available for all types of contenders. One of the most recent, and celebrated, aspects of the game are the card backs. 

Introducing different card backs, which are seen by your opponent, Blizzard capitalized on the popularized element of customization. This guide will cast light on all the available (and unavailable) card backs to date:

How Do I Obtain Different Card Backs?

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There are various ways to gain new card backs. For instance, many can be earned by surpassing level 20 in each season. Others include completing different quests, reaching a legendary rank, or purchases related to other Blizzard games. 

Find a comprehensive list of each card back listed below. 

Where Can I View/Change My Card Backs?

Any player can view his/her available card backs by accessing the options menu. The options menu is located by either pressing the ESC key or clicking the gear icon on the bottom right of the screen. 


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This will bring up a pop-up menu with an “Options” button at the top. Click it to access the options menu, where your card backs are seen at the bottom. 

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What Are All the Different Card Backs?


This card back is the default option given to every player. 

Fireside Friends


This card back is obtained by being logged in to Hearthstone on the same network as 3 other people, meaning there must be 4 people logged into Hearthstone on the same network, including you. 

You then have play 3 games of Hearthstone against one of these players and you will unlock the back whether you win or lose. If this is impossible, you can also use this method.



Reach a legendary rank in any season. If you’re having trouble climbing the ladder, try using one of our writer’s Paladin decks.



Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 10 (January 2015)



Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 9 (December 2014)



Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 8 (November 2014)

Hallow’s End


Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 7 (October 2014)

Plunderin’ Pirates


Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 6 (September 2014)



Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 5 (August 2014)



Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 4 (July 2014)



Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 3 (June 2014)

Black Temple


Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 2 (May 2014)



Reach rank 20 or higher in Season 1 (April 2014)

Warlords of Draenor


This card back unlocks with the purchase of the Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor on a connected account.  

BlizzCon 2014


This card back was unlocked with the purchase of a BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket. 

Heroic Naxxramas


To unlock this card back players must complete the solo adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, on Heroic difficulty. 

Dalaran Flame / TeSPA

Available – Limited

This card back is available to any active members of TeSPA, a network of collegiate gaming and eSports organizations.

The TeSPA chapter players are a part of must include 25+ members and can be claimed on your local chapter’s dashboard on my.tespa.org

What if the Card Back I Want is Unavailable?

As disheartening as it may be, there is no way to obtain a card back that is currently unavailable. 

Remember to continuously rank past level 20 every month to insure the collecting of each card back before it’s too late! Stay up to date on each new Hearthstone card back announcement on the official Hearthstone news blog. 

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